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Light does not travel as a mechanical vibration. It can pass through some mediums, but through a vacuum as well.

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How do you know that light is an example of electromagnetic waves rather than mechanical waves?

because there's a current in the mechanical wave that gives sunlight

Are light waves electromagnetic or mechanical?

light waves are electromagnetic

What is non mechanical wave?

Non mechanical waves are Eletro magnetic waves. We can devide 2 waves. 1 is mechanical waves & 2 is electromagnetic waves. For example Sound is a mechanical wave & Light is an electromagnetic wave.

Is light an example of mechanical wave?

No. Light is an example of an electromagnetic wave, which can travel through a vacuum. Mechanical waves must travel through a medium, and cannot travel through a vacuum.

Is light a mechanical or a electromagnetic wave?

Light is not a mechanical wave it is an electromagnetic wave. Mechanical wave is the one which needs very badly a material medium. But light even through free space can travel.

Is a light bulb an example og electromagnetic energy?

A light bulb is not an example of electromagnetic energy, but the light which the bulb gives off is an example of electromagnetic energy.

Example of Electromagnetic energy?

An example of Electromagnetic energy is light.

Visible light is an example of?

Visible light is an example of electromagnetic radiation.NO it is electromagnetic energy.actually it electromagnetic waves =P

Is sunlight mechanical energy?

No. Light is electromagnetic energy.

How do machanical waves differ from electromagnetic waves?

Mechanical waves badly need a material medium to get propagated. Example: Sound waves But electromagnetic wave can pass even through vaccum. Example: Light waves.

Light is an example of what type of wave?

Light is an example of a electromagnetic wave.

Sound is reallly an example of?

Sound is really an example of wave propagation of energy. Energy could be transported by two modes. One is by the particles. A good example is electrical energy in the form of current is carried over by the particles such as electrons. The other one is by wave propagation. Wave too is further divided into mechanical and electromagnetic. Mechanical wave badly needs a material medium to get propagated but electromagnetic does not need a material medium. Sound is an example for mechanical wave and light is an example for electromagnetic wave.

How are electromagnetic waves diffferent from mechanical waves?

electromagnetic waves are wave that do not require a material medium for their propagation while mechanical wave requires a material medium for example light wave is an electromagnetic wave it does not require any material medium(depends on air or water)for their propagation i.e even in the absence of air light will still travel... sound wave is a mechanical wave because sound do not travel in a vacuum....

Is a lightwave a mechanical wave?

No. A light wave is a transverse electromagnetic wave.

Are visible light waves mechanical waves?

No. They're electromagnetic waves.

What is light an example of?

Electromagnetic radiation

What kind of waves does a light have?

I would rather say that light IS a wave, not that it HAS a wave. It is a type of electromagnetic wave.

Compare mechanical waves and elctromagnetic waves?

An electromagnetic wave is capable of passing through a vacuum (space). All light waves are electromagnetic waves. Mechanical waves are not able to pass through space. They require a medium to pass their energy from one place to another. An example of a mechanical wave is a sound wave.

What kind of waves are sound and light?

Sound is a mechanical wave.Light is an electromagnetic wave.

Visible light is an example of what?

Electromagnetic Radiation

What is the difference from mechanical and electromagnetic waves?

A Mechanical wave travels in consecutive compressions and rarefactions in the direction of the wave. They need a medium to travel, that is like air, water, iron etc...Sound is an example. An Electromagnetic wave travels perpendicular along the direction of the wave. They do not need any medium to travel. They can travel in Vacuum. Light is an example.

What are the examples of electromagnetic energy?

Light is one example of electromagnetic energy.(I am a 6th grader)

Do electromagnetic waves have too much energy to be refracted?

No. Light is an example of an electromagnetic wave.

Are the suns waves electromagnetic or mechanical?

The suns rays are electromagnetic because sunlight has no mass. Mechanical waves can only occur in a substance with mass like water or oil. Or a block of wiggly rubber. Light waves are always only electromagnetic.

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