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How to Know If You're Loved by the One You Love

Well, does that person look at you in a special way? Do they seem interested in your conversations (no matter of stupid they are?) Does the person always want to spend time with you and never tries to let you down? Does s/he express her feelings in certain ways? If it looks like s/he loves you, then they probably do!

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  • He most certainly likes you and values your friendship from what you say. At the moment you both perhaps LOVE being with each other and are attracted to each other. Maybe that is all you are going to know for now.
  • Only you can decide whether or not to trust another by offering your love.
  • I guess the only thing to rely on is some well-structured communication & time. Only these two factors will show you the way & lead you towards understanding.
  • There's not enough said for time being a factor for love. Time can prove a lot of the elements needed for love - care and concern for the other, not being demanding of them, loyalty, continued friendship over time and distance, affection, understanding and acceptance of their faults and that they are not perfect. Saying you "love" someone is a lot easier than really loving them.
  • I just don't think that a couple of weeks is time enough for you to really feel love. I think this is just an excitement/infatuation stage. It can lead to love, but it's not a good idea to hurry or pressure those feelings this fast. If you can only trust him if he loves you, I think you're asking too much of him already. Trust him as a friend and continue the relationship.
  • Loving is unconditional, meaning there is no conditions that the person you love loves you back. However, to know if someone loves you all one needs to look at is the actions of that person. Words are never enough, unless they are backed by actions that match what is being said. Should some one claim they love you then hurt you with their actions then most definitely that would not in my book be considered love.
  • You really don't know how much someone loves you. Love isn't a thing that just happens like in a fairy tale movie of "love at first sight." (I wonder what she or he will look like in "love at first sight" in 50 years' time!!) There has to be a common bond. A place in your heart and mind where you can go. Sometimes by yourself, and other times with each other. Because.... People in love will purposely hurt each other with spiteful words and actions. Hoping that the other will understand by forgiving and comforting. But.. that kind of unconditional love is very rare. Its too easy to give up and see if the grass is greener elsewhere.
  • Love is when you care about someone else more than yourself. That's it. A good indicator is if they want to be your friend as well as being romantically involved with you.
  • Love is something that you grow into like a young child growing into teenager clothing. Love just don't happen overnight, in one day or in one week for that matter. I think what you feel for each other in the beginning is more attraction and curiosity and with time it can change into love, but in order for true love to happen there has to be trust, honesty, sincerity and compassion in the relationship. That is the only way you really get to know that person and to know if that person really loves you.
  • Love is something you are sure about there is no doubt. It's a strong feeling you can't explain, But you know - because you can feel it. Everyone can show love, but can they feel love. We all show our love in different ways. How about the greatest couple, who's husband buys her flowers and gifts and takes her out on a regular basis, and we all say how lucky she is, and than BOOM... The next thing you hear is they are going through a bitter divorce... and nobody can believe it. Why - because he showed his love through guilt, but she never felt love, oh sure she got a lot of flowers and gifts, but none of that matters if you don't feel love. So just because someone doesn't show you love but you can feel it - than you know it's love. You know the feeling I'm talking about... You can't make someone love you, yea in time they might grow to love, but that's a different kind of love (we all love are coffee in the morning, but were not in love with our coffee)Point being when you love someone they will love you back, there will be no doubts, because you know in your heart. He Loves Me. They don't need time to think about it.
  • Love is a mindset that commits one person to engage into actions that include sacrifice, respect and compromise for the purpose of benefiting the person being loved. They are carried out with respect to the other person. Without respect, there's no love. True love is a continual process over time; it is not the "fuzzy feelings" or the "intense physical chemistry/attraction". These are simply lust. Unfortunately today's young men and women are so easily confused between love and lust.
  • Love is commitment made in our cerebral cortex secondary to a brief period of excitement generated by our pleasure-seeking center, hypothalamus. Lust is a singular hormonal/emotional response driven by our pleasure seeking brain center. Love includes emotional response and actions. With only emotional responses, it's mere lust and fantasy. It is essential to have a clear definition of what love encompasses in one's mind. It can avoid a lot of hurtful feelings and encounters in dating.
  • Like everything in life, love is relative. It means many different things to many different people. Perhaps this is because it is only an idea. Imagine if everyone who read the same description of a character in a story saw the exact same visual image in their mind? Same thing with love...each person will have a distinct idea of it.
  • For me, love is caring about the person, being there for them no matter what it costs you (physically, emotionally, etc.), and a willingness to endure all things necessary to keep that person in your life. So, do you love someone? It depends: Do you find yourself giving up other ventures just to spend an extra moment with them? Do you enjoy talking (really talking) with them? Does this person bring out a necessity in you to be the best you can be, not for your benefit, but for their benefit?
  • Probably the most universal sign of true love is friendship: Is this person your best friend? Because, if you two truly love each other, your time together will be like time spent between two best friends. Do you run around worried about what your best friend is doing? Do you ever question if you can trust your best friend? No! And that is the key. True love is when your lover is also your best friend. And that, I'm sorry to say, is very hard to achieve.
  • As far as the "fuzzy feeling" is concerned: How many of us have woken up on Christmas Morning and had this sudden rush of excitement: WOO WHOOO!! It's Christmas! With my current g/f, I get that feeling when I wake up on a day I know I'll get to see her. We haven't had sex yet, so it's not a feeling in my pants. It is excitement that I finally have another opportunity to show her exactly how much she means to me, to let her know that I will always be there for her, and to and another notch to the ladder of trust that we must build. In short, it is excitement that I finally have an opportunity to do something to make her day a little more special, and seeing the smile on her face or a simple squeeze of my hand is plenty of a reward for my efforts.
  • LOVE is the feeling deep inside that tells you when you are apart that you desperately want to be back with your loved one. It is the feeling of wanting to be as one, together! One of the most important things (already mentioned many times) is that this person should be your "best friend" and should always be considered before anyone else. They are your "world", your "rock" and should be loved unconditionally 100% of the time. It is when you want to tell the world "I love this person and I want to grow old with this beautiful person".
  • One final thing (and this is strictly my opinion): If the two of you do not make each other laugh then there is no reason to pursue a relationship. After all, if you can't laugh all you can do is cry.

When Someone Loves You:
  • I would think it would be in how the person interacts with friends, family, etc. when the skeptic partner is not around. I was in a relationship in which at first I faked loving this person for sex. After a while, I went into a depression. I must say out of my own psychological decisions in this matter. People should be warned of narcissistic sex addicts. I was one of them and I believed I possibly suffered just as much as the person who loved me. In the end when I broke up with her. I finally heard the birds chirping. The truth will set you free. I think what is essential is never having to pretend to be anyone on both sides. People like to wear masks in fear and waste a lot of time with the belief there is no true love and just sex. In which at this moment I believe.
  • He should always think of me and even express his love to me. Yes he can think of you all the time in the wrong way. He can call you every minute with the intention of bedding you and making you a statistic. What I would suggest is give the time dimension of love a chance. After ample time you can separate the wine from the vinegar.
  • The only thing I have to suggest is don't say I love you again just say I care about you until he says it to you without you saying it first make sure he is looking you in the eyes and if it is at the perfect moment then he probably means it and complain that he doesn't say it in front of his friends, if he does he loves you.
  • You'll have to ask: There's no way to know for sure, you shouldn't rush into things. If you have been going out for a while and you feel ready to tell them the way you feel then wait until it feels right and go for it, be prepared that they might not feel as strongly yet, but it doesn't mean they never will. If you think it might be a little soon or you haven't gone out together I wouldn't rush into things, make it clear you really care for them and wait until later to tell them how you feel, you don't want to scare them off. The only way to tell if someone loves you is to ask, but be careful how you do it.
  • If you find someone who understands and endures the hardships, enjoys the good times to the fullest, then you will know. Time will tell. It is a lifetime of learning, teaching and caring for one another. Hey! where do I sign up for class?
  • I will know that the person i love loves me too, maybe if he always look for me, which made his day complete.
  • Only way you know someone loves you is by how much sacrifices they will put up to make you happy. Being unselfish, caring about you more then himself. It goes both ways though. If everyone thought of what would make their lover's happy instead of what makes them happy, they'll be a overflow of love. Love is sacrifices.
  • I believe and feel if a man or woman loves you they wouldn't do anything to hurt you. And knowing we all are imperfect I feel that if a problem was acknowledged that that person would come together with unconditional love and work this out. They would appreciate you for your worth and help you when you are in the need of them. Love is not thinking to ones self " what is this going to do for me", but will say or think "what can I do to help this person I love". But when you get people who are always thinking about themselves all the time. That is not real true love. And a person must be worthy of love as well. Some don't know how to love and leave you bitter for the next person who you try to love.
  • Actions speak louder than words. It's better to know someone loves you without being told 'cause anyone can say 'I love you' and also it does not matter how long you're together to say 'I love you' cause love has no time limit you go by when it's there it's there, say it when you feel it and it could be infatuation but I would hope you'd know the difference.
  • You can see from her eyes, body language and her attention to you.
  • Well, to tell if a guy LOVES you: While you're seeing him, and those times when you are not physically together, you won't feel lonely inside, as if something that you can't put your finger on is missing. You'll feel absolutely right about the whole thing. Little "red flags" or "empty holes" inside of you won't be there while you are with him or while you are not with him. It's a feeling as if things all around are complete and with no confusion.
  • Together you can both act silly or even goofy. Maybe even stupid together once in a while, while in public or around others you both will act "mature" (whatever that is supposed to be). You'll be able to talk about ANYTHING together without having "taboo" subjects.
  • Aside from him actually looking you in the eye and telling you that he is in love with you, and you feeling it, the other signs I've mentioned as well are what I believe to be a factor too. You should feel like there are more in depth growth going on aside from how great the sex is between you both or on top of how merely polite he is. There's more to it than great sex and polite ways.
  • Tell them that you love them. Stick around for a while to see if they say it back. Casually mention it every once in a while after that, when the do something particularly nice or when you are parting or saying goodnight. If they don't say it within say, a month or so, then ask just ask them. It may not occur to them to say it, but by asking them after giving them a chance and the hints to do so on their own, you'll know if they do now or think they ever will.
  • You know that someone loves you when they look deeply into your eyes and says in a soft voice that they love you and no matter what happens or what else is said you get that feeling inside knowing that deep down you love them too. And you just feel so amazing inside. They will love you and hold on to you, they will be there in a time of need. That is how you know.
  • When you get the sweet phone calls out of the blue or when they look into your eyes and you can see the love. You can almost see right to there soul. You can tell by their body movements when you're around. You can really feel in your heart. When they are not around how much you miss them.
  • Most males and females will agree that the best way to find out how your significant other feels about you is to ask directly.
  • You don't is the answer to that, you'll never know that the person you've fallen for loves you back you just have to trust that they do. I'm in love with a person who lives a 5 hour drive away from me and so I get to see him once a month, he could have a secret life away from me and flirt with all the girls in his city for all i know but I don't worry about that because I really trust that he loves me just as much as I love him, maybe even more. I don't know this I just trust in my instinct. Trust in yours too and you'll be fine.
  • If there's a slight doubt in your mind that he / she doesn't love you back then he / she hasn't convinced you enough and therefore doesn't love you enough to make you believe how he / she feels.. therefore maybe doesn't feel that way at all. Its not about you knowing if he / she loves you it's about him / her making you believe in it.
  • I think it's a reciprocated love. When you start investing your time and effort and he reciprocates it with love and care from there you can already prove it. It takes two tango.
  • Your instincts will tell you. They wont lie. Mine didn't ;-). Listen to what your gut tells you (untainted by either hopefulness or pessimism this is the best way of telling), it'll tell you whether there's an electric connection or not. But hey, maybe I got lucky.
  • You should be able to ask him and tell him to tell the truth if he does or not because my boyfriend loves me and tells it to me.
  • If you can't feel it chances are it ain't there. Time is precious. Tell them how you feel. They should then admit, commit or quit....
  • You'll feel it and just know that they do.. It's a feeling after all, it's magic.
  • To find true love: Love this person with all your heart and hope that it's mutual. You'll know if it is.
  • You will know if a person loves you if he/she will do everything just to make you smile in every single way. You will know if someone loves you if he/she sacrifices his/her own emotions just to make you happy. You will know if someone loves you he/she Shows his care for you trough actions not through words. You will know if someone loves you if he/she accepts you know matter who you are wholeheartedly.
  • If you are in love with that person, you two must be close and chances are, they love you back. You should take a chance and just tell them, even though a close friendship is at risk. Try to look for hints that suggest they love you, for a little while. Then when you have seen enough proof, confess your love! Try sudden things like hugging from behind, and see if they blush. Give them many opportunities to confess THEIR love, or to hint about it.
  • All of these answers are correct in my eyes. Love is different to different people. But all love has a few things in common, trust and understanding. To understand and accept a persons flaws isn't always an easy thing to do. But one who is able to accept a person as a whole, flaws and imperfections included, is capable of truly loving. when you get that feeling that they couldn't do anything wrong, or anything to make you hate them... you know you love them. Its an understanding that can be seen... you can see it in their eyes. and when you two are cuddled up or as close as can be, and you still feel like they should be closer... you know that you are in love. you think about them constantly... never missing a minute. you anticipate the next time you get to see them. its so hard to explain... it's a gut feeling that you just know. Trust your instincts.
  • Also, that person welcomes you into his/her life, trusts you, treats you with respect, and is not mean to you. I am happily married and I know my husband loves me because he always puts my needs before his own, and I try to do the same for him.
  • I think you can never really know, but as long as they are scared to lose you and show that they care about you in some way they love you, sometimes you have to let them go just to see if they'll come back.
  • Tell them you love them and see if they tell you they love you back. You can also tell HOW they say it, if she or he hesitates or doesn't say it right, then you know somethings wrong.
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What should you do if you love your best friend and she is your step-brother's ex and another person likes her too and this person knows that you love her?

This is one complicated problem, but the best thing to do is discuss how you feel with her. Never mind about the ex, etc. All she can do is say she doesn't feel that way about you and don't take it too personally. She probably hasn't straightened things out in her own life yet. Take it slow, but don ( Full Answer )

How do you know if the person you love loves you back?

Answer . If the person loves you, he/she will go the extra mile for you to make you happy. do whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable and will support you on every task that you are about to do. Love is more than words is also the action of the caring person what makes love really big and ( Full Answer )

How do you know if you love a person?

First of all, If you truly are in *love with someone, you would know.. Love is a hard thing to feel if it's not true. But if indeed is true, You will surely know.. :anything else to add?

How do you know that a person loves you?

action Well there are different ways to know but here are some....if you see that they are looking at you and then when you turn to them they look away, they always find away to be near you, they sometimes seem a little nervous, they act different sometimes around you, they say anything even if it ( Full Answer )

How do you know if the person you are in love with loves you back?

You will know they love you back by their actions in how they treatyou. Some might even say that they love you directly. However,knowing that they truly are loving to you may take some time beforeyou can tell that it is good for you.

How can you know a person love you?

You will notice it, if they talk to you a lot. They'll want to hang out with you a lot, so don't ignore him or her. If they don't talk to you or hang out with you, because they are shy, you can support him or her, and start a good relationship.

How will you know that you love a person?

Evaluate what you feel for the person. Do you love being with them? Do you love how they act, look, sound, even smell! If so, that should be enough.

How do you know a person loves you?

you can know when a girfriend/boyfriend loves you by the way they react around you. They will never want to leave your side and always will want to hold your hand all the time, they will also make you warm in the winters by bracing you. Girls: they will always try to make u laught a txt u 24/7. the ( Full Answer )

How can you know if the person you love is your true love?

If the persons words match their actions that is an indicator of true love. Many of us have met that person who says wonderful amazing things to us, about us. In order to not be fooled pay attention that their actions match their words. Otherwise you have likely encountered a manipulator, someone wh ( Full Answer )

How will I know that he loves me too?

There are so many possible answers. Most outstanding indicator of a man's love to his girlfiend is the ability to self-control at the height of sexual arousal. Both you and your boyfriend will naturally get to that height, now and then during a date outing. Naturally insincere males wait for such op ( Full Answer )

How do you know the person you love is suitable or not?

The answer is inside of you. How do you feel when you're close to that person? How do you feel when you're apart? How do you feel when you think, talk or hear talking about that person? Take a look at the words you use to answer those questions. If you use complete, understood, happy (...most of the ( Full Answer )

How can you know if this person love you or he is lieing?

the only way is if he acts selfish,iggnorant,uncaring. then that's when you need to leave him,he's no good for you. he's gonna lie about his mistakes and his excusses,there's no telling. it's just what goes on in relationships. if he's not the same anymore since you met him then you know what's up. ( Full Answer )

How do you know if the person you love loves you too?

You don't. You could try asking them, but that only tells you whatthey say. You could make a pretty good guess by seeing if they act like they love you. But if you're hoping for some magical sign bywhich you can tell that someone secretly loves you but is too shyto say anything or show it, there's ( Full Answer )

Does the person you love love you too?

That is a great question, usually you can tell.. but first you need to answer my question is the person you love a boy or girl?girl

If you you love someone how do you know that they love you too?

Does He/She Love Me? . If you substitute the word "caring" for love, you will reach a better understanding about relationships. For example you can ask yourself whether, if something unfortunate would happen to you, he/she would care. Yes, caring for the welfare of the "loved one" is the ultimate ( Full Answer )

How a person come to know that she is in love?

You'll know when it happens, just dont listen to anyone else when they say you're not, only you'll know. It doesnt necissarialy meen that they love you too.

How do you know if you are too young to be in love?

I can't tell you if you are in love. You have to deside that your self but I can tell you, when you have found someone who respects you, cares about you, and you have dated them long enough for the new-ness of the relationship to whaer off, and you still care deeply for them, then love STARTS. You s ( Full Answer )

How do I know if he loves me too?

Love is an action. So before he ever tells you he will express his love for you in his actions. Hugging or kissing you, doing sweet things for you etc. Secondly, if you have told him that you love him, if he feels the same he will say it back to you. However, if he does not feel the same, there will ( Full Answer )

I love you how do the person know?

They will know if you are always kind to them, smile at them, and try to impress them. Also, if you act like you're interested in what they're saying, they will know you like them.

How do you know that the guy love you too?

You know that because he will show signs of wanting to date rape you. Don't drink canned drinks because he will probable try to use a drug to knock you out. The only solution is to be ugly so that no girl or guy will love you. Female Dog!

How do you know that the person you do not love love you?

Maybe this person will give you clues that they love you by being extra nice to you. They might buy you expensive things or grab your attention in other ways. Maybe their charm will help soften your heart towards them.

How can you know if someone loves you too?

They will start flirting with you and if the love of your life asks you to go out with one of his mates then it really means he likes you! Also if you and the boy are invited to a party and he asks you if you are going to be there it means that he is only going if you are.

How do you know the person your with really loves you?

well he or she, wouldn't be thinking about cheating on you, or maybe thinking about other people in a lust way. they would respect you, they wouldn't want to hurt you on purpus. he or she would be open to you, wouldn't tell anyone your secrets or anything. if you think he or she is off with othe ( Full Answer )

How a person can know that he is in love?

When you miss her all the time don't look at any other girls and couldn't see youself with ne one but her and last you see that she is the best girl in the world and you wanna stay with her forever , you would do anything for her even if it means die for her

How do you know the person you love also loves you?

That person may not tell you directly, but will do things as a sign of loving you. Men, for example will wash your car, take out the garbage, take the dog for a walk, put gas in your car, buy groceries or do your laundry and fold your panties. That's what my husband does to show me he loves me. He a ( Full Answer )

How can you know a person loves you?

This is often a difficult question to answer, for often people say "I love you" without meaning it. So it is important to put weight on their actions as well. If a person cares for you without expecting anything in return, spends time with you, and listens to what you have to say, then chances are t ( Full Answer )

How do you know when a person is falling in love with you?

Instead of calling this 'falling in love', how about looking at how important the relationship is becoming to the other person. That is a clearer way to look at it. From most indicative to least indicative, look at the following: 1. Inviting you to 'intimate' social events. For example, a weddin ( Full Answer )

How can I know the person whom I love loves me?

If you question it he probablu doesnt. Answer If they are there for you through thick and thin, they love you for who you are and don't try to change you, they do special things for you, they want you to be happy, they want to spend time with you, they never leave your side even if you are sepa ( Full Answer )

How will you know if you love a person?

You'll know if it's chemical. It's like being high. Can't get your mind off the person. Feel perfect everytime you think of them. The true test, however, is defined by love itself. Love means that you would like the person to be happy, to experience pleasure, to get what they want. If you want to ( Full Answer )

How do you know that someone you love loves you too?

To be honest, it is a very touchy subject with anyone. Him/Her willpay a lot of focus onto you. Catching them staring, Touching you on"accident". Trying to make you laugh is also another way. However,some people like to be distant from who they love when the otherdoesn't know. You have to be the one ( Full Answer )

How can you know if your girlfriend love too?

if she checks u out a lot . if she love tagging along with u and ur guy friends . if she sometimes giggles when u look at her . if she gazes into ur eye once in while

How can you know if they love you too?

If you love this person, TELL THEM! The only thing you can do wrong in this situation is hide your feelings. Don't look back on this in ten years and wonder! Tell the person how you feel!!!

How you know that the person you love is also loves you?

Usually Its The Way They Speak., Differently To Normal... They Start Put Love Hearts And xx's Also Its Common That They Dont Know What To Say Because There Nervous And It Gets Quite Awkward! If You Think That He/She Like You Then Ask Her. Dont Be Afraid To.. If She Says No, She Says No, Theres Nothi ( Full Answer )

How would you know if the person loves you?

Let's break this down into teeny tiny blocks so you can understand it. . If that special someone likes you, they like your company and will often smile at you. . They may even act awkward and have this sudden urge to impress you etc. . Have you ever crushed on someone? No? Yes? Recreate that fe ( Full Answer )

HOW do know that the person you love loves-you-too?

You can go by the way they act around you. Does he/she flirt with you, talk with you, make eye contact with you a lot or does nervouse movents around you. You could ask him/her who do you like kinda deal or just ask them if they like you.