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Polecats and Ferrets are genetically very similar. The difference between a domestic ferret and a European polecat is that a ferret is the domestication of the Polecat and is a pet. Domestication has reduced the Ferrets ability to fend for themselves. Polecat Ferret hybrids do exist and are very difficult to distinguish from a true Polecat. The domestic ferret is smaller, and has a more fragile bone structure. A domestic ferret is usually lighter in color, and the mask does not reach the tinted neck band like it does with the European polecat. The European polecat has a rounder face. The back of the ears of a European polecat is dark, whereas it is light in the domestic ferret. European polecat jaws are much stronger than those of the domestic ferret. The European polecat is more muscular. The European polecat is a solitary animal and only meets in the mating season, while the ferret loves company.

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What animal is also called a European polecat?

European polecat ferret (mustela putorius) in which the domestic ferret (mustela putorius furo) was domesticated from. Domestic ferrets can successfully breed with European polecat ferrets.

Does a ferret and polecat have the same niche?

Domestic ferrets are thought to be domesticated from the European polecat ferrets

What is the difference between a pole cat and a skunk?

Polecat is sometimes used as an alternate name for the skunk but is also used as an alternate name for the civet and for several species of weasel, including the European polecat, which domestic ferrets were descended from.

How do you care for a polecat?

The same way you take care of a domestic ferret which was domesticated from the European polecat ferret

What is another name for a skunk?

A skunk in the US is sometimes called a "polecat".In Europe, a domestic ferret maybe referred to as a polecat, from its ancestor European polecat ferret.

What two animals made a ferret?

Most scientists believe that the ferret descended from the European polecat ferret (Mustela putorius) and the Steppe polecat ferret (Mustela eversmanni). It is more true to say that the ferret was domesticated from the European polecat ferret. Domestic ferrets can breed with European polecat ferrets and produce fertile offspring

When was European polecat created?

European polecat was created in 1758.

Can ferrets live in the wild in Wales UK?

In Wales the polecat ferret is well-established and widespread. In the UK, there is a European ferret polecat that lives in the wild. Domestic ferrets have long ago lost all natural instincts and cannot survive on their own in the wild, they totally rely on humans. Hybrids between European ferret polecats and domestic ferret could survive on their own. Studies on ferrets in the UK was determined that domestic ferrets and European polecat ferret are so closely related, they are regarded as the same species.

What animal ferrets reproduce with?

A domestic ferret can breed with a European polecat ferret and produce hybrids

What is a pink eyed polecat?

A pink eyed polecat is an albino ferret that was domesticated from the European polecat ferret

What is a female polecat called?

A female European polecat ferret is called a "Jill"

Can a domestic ferret mate with a European polecat?

=== === * Domestic ferrets and the European polecats are genetically similar enough that they are able to interbreed Being so closely related to polecats, ferrets are quite easily able to hybridize with them, and this has occasionally resulted in feral colonies of ferret polecat hybrids that have been perceived to have caused damage New Zealand has the world's largest feral population of ferret-polecat hybrids. Ferrets mated with the European polecat, create a number of hybrids that are capable of surviving in the wild. * Ferrets are domesticated from European PolecatsYes, it can. But it is known that the offspring can get problems or disfiguration easily. But it has happened with no problems at all before. :)

Are there feral ferrets?

In New Zealand there are feral ferrets, but they are hybrids between domestic ferrets and European polecat ferrets. Domestic ferrets have long ago lost all natural instincts and cannot survive on their own in the wild, they totally rely on humans.

Is a polecat a rodent?

No, European polecat ferrets are not rodents. Ferrets are technically closer to dogs.Eu

Are pure European polecat kits born pink or dark?

European polecat ferrets are born with very fine white hair or fur.

Do ferrets come from Europe?

The domesticated ferret probably comes from the European polecat or the Steppe polecat (Russia - Sibir).

Do polecats hibernate?

No, European polecat ferrets do not hibernate

Native animals slovene Slovenia?

the European Polecat

What do polecats do for fun?

European polecat ferrets like to hunt

Where do brown footed ferrets live?

Ferret with brown feet are Domestic ferrets that are pets and live in peoples home all over the world. European Polecat ferrets are native to Europe

What are ferrets descended from?

maybe they can be descended from the European polecat or the Steppe polecat. Maybe they could be related to a extinct species, no one knows for sure.

Do ferrets live in groups?

Domestic ferrets that have been neutered can live in groups - A group of ferrets is called a "business" Their ancestors - wild European polecat ferrets are solitary animals and do not live in groups

What region can you find ferrets in the wild?

Domestic ferrets are found almost all over the world. Black footed ferrets are in prairie lands of the US and Canada. European polecat ferrets - in England

Can a ferret hybridize with a stoat?

I don't think so, but ferrets can interbreed with wild polecat ferrets. In Russia, a hybrid was created of a ferret and a European mink, named "Khonorik". Its parents were a hybrid male of a polecat ferret (wild x steppe) and a female of European mink, making it a hybrid of three species. Later on Khonoriks were bred from a thoroughbred wild European polecat ferret and European mink.

Would ferrets harm chickens?

Yes, a domestic ferret is a carnivore and might kill a chicken because of it's natural instinct. A wild European polecat ferret are known to kill chicken for food.

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