How do you know the difference between a European polecat and a domestic ferret?

Polecats and Ferrets are genetically very similar. The difference between a domestic ferret and a European polecat is that a ferret is the domestication of the Polecat and is a pet. Domestication has reduced the Ferrets ability to fend for themselves. Polecat Ferret hybrids do exist and are very difficult to distinguish from a true Polecat. The domestic ferret is smaller, and has a more fragile bone structure. A domestic ferret is usually lighter in color, and the mask does not reach the tinted neck band like it does with the European polecat. The European polecat has a rounder face. The back of the ears of a European polecat is dark, whereas it is light in the domestic ferret. European polecat jaws are much stronger than those of the domestic ferret. The European polecat is more muscular. The European polecat is a solitary animal and only meets in the mating season, while the ferret loves company.