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If the guy brings the sexual outside of marriage in the first place I can assure you it isn't about love in the first place! I can prove and have studied the research and observed this for years. Men who bring the sexual outside of marriage are liars and cheaters! this can be proven everytime, buit many women are so unaware, because they will look to the cheap influences that are out there today such as Hollywood that tries to tell them otherwise, but of course Hollywood, Radio, Music Videos, magazines etc..etc... are of course NOT REALITY!!!!! And the condom and birth control industry down plays their lies also with the safe sex nonsense that absolutely does not exist, There are over 50 different STDs ABD STIs and many are contracted from skin contact alone of infected areas inwhich condoms arent gonna do didly, and there are now an estimated 8,000 new cases per day and 10 to 12 million a year now of STD and or STI strains. Mnay of the symptoms that are from these strains of STDs and STIs are so mild that many women doent even know of there presence.

I guess Gods old fashioned, or should I say what the liars of todays culture whant you to think, that its old fashion, Regardless of ones scoffing the facts are the facts! Sex outside of marriage is pure foolishness, and any woman who gives into it is absolutely gonna be gettin played, can absolutely gaurantee the proof of it. The excuses that women will often tell themselves, like well if your truly committed or if it isn't the actual sex act, then its not realy sex or weve been together for a long time now or if your gonna get mnarried anyways, Ive heard it all, and its pure junk, ladies!!!!! Jesus loves you, be wise ~ Peace!

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How do you improve your relationship?

let them know that you still love them give them a present! or just say i love you

When you ask if your still together and he says I don't know?

If you ask your love partner if the two of you are still in a relationship, and he says he does not know, then you are not together anymore.

What are the signs that he still loves you even though you broke up?

You will know he will still love you if he calls and shares his relationship with you.

Should you tell your ex you are still in love with her?

If you want there to be a relationship again then yes, how else would she know if you didn't tell her? In that case, don't be afraid to be rejected, just tell her you still love her and want a relationship with her.

Is he still into me after 4 year's of dating?

I don't know much about your relationship but if you still feel that kind of love then that's good if not then maybe you should just ask him where you are in your relationship

How do you know you are ready to move on after a relationship?

When u started to like someone... what if she/he is still in love with an ex...............

How do you know if a guy is still committed to your relationship?

when all of the sudden he looks at you and smiles and then says i love you out of nowhere.

If you know that a boy likes you and you have his email addressshould you make the first move?

The first thing you do is become friends with that guy/girl to know him/shebetter. After knowing that person a little more, then you decide if you still want to have a romantic relationship. If you do believe that your still in love with that person tell him/her that you want to have romantic relationship with her/him. That's how you get your love one to love you.

Will a girl still love a guy even if her parents have come to know about her relationship?

If her emotions are true, yes of course.

How do you know when someone is in an abusive relationship?

i know from past relationship that having an abusive relationship is not easy but there are no signs you can look out for or things you could do, if the person loves there partner you carnt do nothing i was in a abusive relationship and kind of still am but that's tough love for you xxx

What does i still love you deep down mean?

" i still love you deep down " means that your ex boyfriend ( i guess ) still loves you, and he always will . - im a pro at relationship advice, if anyone has any questions let me know :)

How do you know if you are still in love with your present partner?

You know you are still in love with your present partner because you don't have to ask if you're still in love with them.

When to say i love you in a new relationship?

you say i love you when you know her/him is firm in the relationship and u r too

What is a good relationship motto?

a good relationship is when these 3 words are still remaining...I Love You..

What does it mean if you still love your girlfriend but don't want to be in a relationship anymore?

Your obviously not ready for a relationship at this time with her but you can still love someone even if you are not with them exclusively. You may love her and respect her as a very close friend.

What do you do to make your girlfriend love you?

be yourself and if she don't love you there is a problem if you tell her you love her and still nothing there is no relationship

How will you know he love you if he is not willing to show you that?

It means he is shy and confused that he doesn't know what to do with love or even in a relationship.

I love my wife but not in love but I still want to sleep with her Am I confused about my feelings?

No The in love (Lust) that is felt in a fresh relationship is generally doomed to wear out. for many that means the end of the relationship regardless of children and commitments made. If you still love your wife and still want to sleep with r=each other it sounds like you have a truly unsuccessful relationship. You are not confused at all.

You love your wife not in love but still want to sleep with her Are you confused?

No The in love (Lust) that is felt in a fresh relationship is generally doomed to wear out. for many that means the end of the relationship regardless of children and commitments made. If you still love your wife and still want to sleep with r=each other it sounds like you have a truly unsuccessful relationship. You are not confused at all.

How do you tell your boyfriend that you are still in love with your ex?

You should be fair to your boyfriend and break up with him. Let him know you still have feelings for your ex, and that it's not fair to him to stay in a relationship where you have these feelings.

If you are a female and in a relationship with a female how do you know if they love you?


How do you know when its time to get out of an emotionally abusive relationship?

You know that you are in a abuse relationship because of these thingsHe or she gets angry fast and jealousHe or she hits and then says sorry but still does it.You have to get out when you see that your life is in danger or when he got to the point to hurt you or a love one

What is meant by the term love triangle?

A love triange is a relationship between three individuals. The three individuals in this relationship does not necessarily know about each person in the relationship.

How do you know if they are still cheating on you?

You might always suspect, but you may never know for sure. (Cheaters usually like to try and keep it a secret.) But more importantly, if you're in a relationship where you suspect cheating, perhaps it's time to evaluate the relationship itself and why you're still in it. Is love for him (or her) enough?

How do you know when love is over?

Love itself is not over. Love is never over. Love does its job. One cannot choose a person for them to love. Well, they can but if love is over in their relationship, then they are over but love is not over. Love can never be over coz it does what it needs to do. There are different kinds of love. There are too many of them like love for money, love for material world, love for life, love for self, love for friends, love for family, love for likes and so on. Love is undying. If its love for a relationship, you can say love is over IF the relationship is over. But you can still love each other as friends. Love is over only in the love relationship. Love can also be over if hatred gets in the way. In my philosophy, a person who hates people, loves to hate people. Love is undying and when you think it's over, it's not coz there are some people you know who loves you back.