How do you know there is still love in your relationship?

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2011-09-13 05:05:51

If the guy brings the sexual outside of marriage in the first

place I can assure you it isn't about love in the first place! I

can prove and have studied the research and observed this for

years. Men who bring the sexual outside of marriage are liars and

cheaters! this can be proven everytime, buit many women are so

unaware, because they will look to the cheap influences that are

out there today such as Hollywood that tries to tell them

otherwise, but of course Hollywood, Radio, music videos, magazines

etc..etc... are of course NOT REALITY!!!!! And the condom and birth

control industry down plays their lies also with the safe sex

nonsense that absolutely does not exist, There are over 50

different STDs ABD STIs and many are contracted from skin contact

alone of infected areas inwhich condoms arent gonna do didly, and

there are now an estimated 8,000 new cases per day and 10 to 12

million a year now of STD and or STI strains. Mnay of the symptoms

that are from these strains of STDs and STIs are so mild that many

women doent even know of there presence.

I guess Gods old fashioned, or should I say what the liars of

todays culture whant you to think, that its old fashion, Regardless

of ones scoffing the facts are the facts! Sex outside of marriage

is pure foolishness, and any woman who gives into it is absolutely

gonna be gettin played, can absolutely gaurantee the proof of it.

The excuses that women will often tell themselves, like well if

your truly committed or if it isn't the actual sex act, then its

not realy sex or weve been together for a long time now or if your

gonna get mnarried anyways, Ive heard it all, and its pure junk,

ladies!!!!! Jesus loves you, be wise ~ Peace!

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