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Ther is a sticker under the hood. Probaly a 3.0 or 4.0. Both are 6 cylinder. The 8th digit of the vin # number can reveal this.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-24 01:39:28
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Q: How do you know what cylinder a 93 Ford XLT Ranger is?
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What size spark plugs for a 1983 Ford Ranger XLT 4 Cylinder?

i have a 1988 ford ranger xlt 4 cylinder and my spark size is 42-46 hope this will help

Where is the slave cylinder on a 1997 Ford Ranger xlt?

The slave cylinder for a hydraulic clutch on a Ford Ranger is inside the manual transmission bellhousing

Is a 2001 F150 Ford Ranger XLT a 6-cylinder?

A 2001 Ford F-150 could have a V6 or V8 engine A 2001 Ford Ranger XLT could have a 4 cylinder or the 3.0 or 4.0 liter V6 engine

Does a 2002 xlt 2.3 Ford Ranger have a timing belt or chain?

The 2.3 liter DOHC 4 cylinder in a 2002 Ford Ranger has a ( timing CHAIN )

What is the radiator capacity of the 1999 Ford Ranger XLT 2 cylinder?

the ford site says 14.2 for a 3.0L 6cyl

What size motor is in a 93 Ford Ranger xlt four cylinder two wheel drive five speed?

The 4 cylinder in a 1993 Ford Ranger is 2.3 liter ( 140 cubic inches )

Where is the clutch slave cylinder found on a 1995 Ford ranger xlt?

The slave cylinder for your hydraulic clutch is inside the transmission bellhousing

How do you install headlight switch in 1991 Ford Ranger?

I need to know how to install a headlight swith in a 1991 ford ranger xlt

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Change a tie rod on a 1992 Ford Ranger xlt?

how to change a tie rod on a 1992 ford ranger xlt

2000 Ford Ranger XLT owners manual?

How much weight can i pull behind my ford ranger 2000 xlt

Where is the slave cylinder located on a 1997 ford ranger xlt?

The slave cylinder for your hydraulic clutch is located inside the transmission bell housing

Where is the 4X4 electronic relay located on a 2000 Ford Ranger XLT?

where is the electronic relay located on a 2000 ford ranger xlt

Towing compasatity of Ford Ranger xlt 2005?

i need to know the towing weight of a ford ranger xtl 2005 double cab

How do I remove the front bumper on a 2003 ford ranger?

Does anyone know how to remove the chrome part of the front bumper on a Ford Ranger XLT

What does the XLT stand for in Ford ranger XLT?

extra large turbo

What is the firing order for a 2002 Ford Ranger xlt?

need to know what size engine

How do you change the fuel filter on a 2003 Ford Ranger XLT and where is it located?

how do you change a fuel filter and were is it located on a 2000 xlt ford ranger

1996 ford ranger xlt radio and speedometer quit?

/need to know the reasons on why this happened?

How do you bypass anti-theft system on a 2001 Ford Ranger XLT?

where is the wire for theft system 2000 ford ranger to bypass

Where is the master cylinder in my 1989 ford ranger xlt?

Firewall, Drivers Side. Its pretty obvious, same spot as 99% of cars.

4-cylinder 8 plugs Ford Ranger xlt?

Yes , that's Fords twin plug ignition system

What is the firing order 93 3.0 xlt ranger?

What is the fireing order plug 93 ford ranger xlt 3.0

Where is the PVC valve located on a 2002 ford ranger XLT 6 cylinder 4.0 liter engine?

where is the valve located on the 2002 ranger 4.0 liter 6 cyl?

What oil weight does a 1999 Ford Ranger xlt use?

( 5W-30 ) for the 2.5 liter 4 cylinder , 3.0 and 4.0 liter V6 engines ( according to the 1999 Ford Ranger Owner Guide )