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Hey Rick==You can have either a Buick or Olds engine.If the dist is up front it is a 'buick and if it is at the rear it is an olds. Both fire the same 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 The Buick dist turns clockwise and the olds turns counter -clockwise. Take #1 spark plug out {On boith engines it is the first plug on the drivers side}.Remove the coil wire and stick your finger in the plug hole and have someone bump the starter until you feel it comming up on compression. Now turn the engine over with the fan belts so that the timing mark is on TDC.Remove the dist cap and the rotor will be pointing to #1 cylinder. This procedure will work with any engine but the firing order and dist rotation will be different. Goodluck Joe

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Q: How do you know what order the plug wires go on the distributor cap of an 82 Oldsmobile small block V8?
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Are small block and big block distributor caps the same for HEI caps?

Actually the complete distributor will fit from the small block to the big block.

What is is the distributor firing order on 52 Oldsmobile rocket 88?

The firing order used on early (pre-Gen. III) small block and big block Chevy V8's is 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2. hope it helps.

What is the distributor firing order for big block Chevy?

1,8,4,3,6,5,7,2 all small block and big block firing patterns are 1,8,4,3,6,5,7,2 for Chevy

Distributor cap order for 93 silverado?

18436572..firing order.......starting on the front drivers side of the distributor...thats the firing order for any small block v8 chev...

Firing order for a 1984 Oldsmobile delta 8 royale brougham v8 307 ci small block?

18436572 all small block gm the same

What is the order of the spark plug wires on the distributor for a 1991 305 Chevy small block?

1,8,4,3,6,5,7,2 same as the firing order

Which way does the distributor rotate on a small block Chevy?

The distributor can be turned both ways. The rotor however, which I suspect you are asking about, turns clockwise on a small block V8.

Will 307 distributor fit 350 small block?

Yes it will.

Can a Chevy 350 distributor fit in Chevy 305?

Yes it will fit. This distributor will fit all small block and big block Chevrolet engines.

What is the spark plug wire placement order on the distributor cap for a 1967 Chevy 396?

It should be the same as the small block.18436572.

What is the fireing order for a 350 small block?

18436572 Small block firing order

1986 Chevy small block distributor cap wiring order?


What is the order in which the spark plug wires go on the distributor on a 1986 Chevy 350?

You need to know the firing order of the engine. Answer 2 The same as the firing order - 1,8,4,3,6,5,7,2. #1 is toward the front of the distributor and slightly to the left (passenger's side). All small block and big block Chevys have the same firing order except for certain marine engines and 1 or 2 oddballs. (BTW - distributor rotation is clockwise)

Is a 6.2 liter a big block or small for a chevy?

That would be a big block. If you are referring to the diesel engine, it is based on the Oldsmobile rocket block, and shares nothing with the engines usually referred to as big block or small block.

Will a distributor from a 350 Chevy small block fit a 1971 442 350 rocket?


Where is the number 8 cylinder on small block Chevy?

The firing order is 1,8,4,3,6,5,7,2 with 1,3,5,7 on the left bank and 2,4,6,8 on the right bank. The distributor turns clockwise.

What is the firing order 1993 Chevy 305?

all Chevy v-8's big block & small block firing order is as follows clockwise on the distributor cap.... 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2

How many times does a small block Chevy rotate for distributor to make one turn?

Cranksaft turns twice for 1 distributor rotation.

What is the Firing order for a 1998 Chevrolet 350 motor?

the firing order for a 1998 chevorlet 350 motor is 1,8,4,3,6,5,7,2 clockwise on the distributorAnswerAll small block Chevy V8's are 18436572

What is the firing order for Pontiac 400 engine both small block and big block?

The firing order for the Pontiac 400 engine is that the small block powers the big block.

Can a distributor from a 1992 Chevy c-1500 350 engine work on a 1969 396 Chevy?

No the distributor gear that is on the end of the distributor is to small for the big block cam shaft.

Do you have a diagram for firing order on a 1985 Chevy small block?

All small block chevy's standard firing order is 18436572.

Does anyone make headers for a Oldsmobile 403 that will fit in a 1966 Oldsmobile cutlass?

Yes. 403 is a small block with identical exhaust ports as a 350 and 330.

Why is vacuum advance on distributor hitting the intake manafold on small block Chevy?

The distributor is off a tooth or two. You can pull the distributor out and turn the rotor a little and put it back in. Then re-time the engine.

Which engine is better Chevrolet or Oldsmobile?

They each have several engines available. My vote goes to the Chevrolet small block.