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sounds like something broke on the track. Chechk out Saturn will replace the whole unit for $1200.00 Good luck. This is this way I will never by another Saturn. It should have been recalled. Steve

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How do you log out of meetme?

right click at the bottom of the page and click on log out sometime that doesnt work so if it doesnt try clicking onto the trophy and close that page that should work.

Why does clicking a tab in Google Chrome close it?

Clicking a tab does not close it anyway. It can be closed by clicking on thee right of the tab on the cross sign.

What planets are close to Saturn?

Jupiter and Uranus.....Well that's what Saturn is close to!

How do you close a work book?

You can close a workbook by clicking the Office Button to display the Office menu and clicking the close folder at the bottom of your choices :)

What does the planet Saturn look like from the sky?

It looks yellowish with rings around it but up close you see it doesnt have rings and is brown with bit yellow and red

Is Saturn close to the sun?

It's close to the sun

Can Saturn be seen without a telescope?

ANSWER:no.because saturn not that close to earth

How can you close a dialogue box without making changes to the open document?

You can close a dialog box without making changes to it by clicking the Cancel button or by clicking the Close button. (D.)

What would happen to a satellite if it went to close to Saturn?

It would crash on Saturn.

How close is the Saturn to the Earth?

it takes 63 million miles to get from Saturn to Earth.

How do you close this web page?

By clicking the X on the corner.

Is Saturn close to the sun or the moon?

Saturn is closer to both, depending on where it is in it's orbit.

How do you customize your tool bar?

You can do that by right clicking close to the new tab button and clicking the button that says "Customize"

How close is Saturn from Earth?

they have big asses

How close is Saturn is it to the sun?

Far away

Is Saturn close to a black hole?

No, we don't know of any black holes anywhere near Saturn.

How do i close a window on this computer?

You can close a window on a computer by clicking on the small X in the upper corner. This will close the window out and the application or instance to be terminated.

How close does Saturn get to the sun?

At its closest approach, Saturn comes to1.35 billion km (838851109.520 miles) to the sun.

How many Saturn car dealerships are in Canada?

There are no Saturn car dealerships in Canada. Roger Penske, the owner of Saturn, and GM decided in September 2009 to close all Saturn dealerships in Canada.

What robots have explored Saturn up close?

The "Cassini" in 2004.

What satellite or robot explored Saturn up close?


How do you close a door that doesnt latch on a 1997 mitsubishe diamante?

You will need to take the door panel off to find the problem. Thsi is not very difficult and should take a few minutes. Once off, you will be able to see what the problem is.

Will you die if you touch Saturn?

If you can get that close I'd say you're rather good at staying alive. The problem isn't touching Saturn, it is landing on it. It's a gas giant, and you'd just keep falling down. The pressure of the gas would eventually crush you to death.

You can hide a program or document without closing it by clicking the button?

close button

How do you rescue sprocket in steamworks?

Type your answer here... you close the windows by clicking on the handles.