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I presume you are refering to your PC.(I also presume you are not refering to the four legged type of Ram)

on your desktop left double click the my computer my computer left double click the Control Panel icon.Left double click the System icon (it looks like a PC screen)

This will access the System Properties info.In the general section you should see the makle of PC and the supplier of the chips i.e Pentium and any other info regarding the system you might need.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 05:06:14
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Q: How do you know what type of RAM you have?
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What type of ram do laptops use?

The type of RAM that laptops use is SD-RAM.

What type of ram isused in laptops?

The type of RAM that is used in laptops would be the smallest RAM which would be SD-RAM.

How do I know what type of RAM to buy?

Check with your computer manufacturer or computer manual. You can also do an internet search on your particular computer model number and can find the RAM type that way.

How do you know what type of rear end is in a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 2 wheel drive?

You can look on the rear axle carrier housing at the metal tag to know what type of rear end is in a 2004 Ram 1500, two-wheel drive.

How do you know what type of memory you have in your PC?

Download the Program CPUZ it has all sorts of information about the type of memory (RAM) your computer uses

What is SD-RAM?

SD-RAM is synchronous Dynamic RAM and it is the only type of RAM that can be used in a laptop.

How much does a GB of ram cost?

well it would depend on what kind of RAM your computer uses and what type you want. but from what i know a 1 GB ram stick will cost around $24 give or take depending on where you go

What type of ram 2x as fast as sdramm?

Ddr ram

What is jet ram?

Its one type of ram released by transcend

How do you differentiate between ddr1 ram and ddr3 ram?

ddr3 ram is faster and much modern, its newest type of ram.

How much will it cost to upgrade from 128 mb of ram to 256mb of ram?

It depends on what type of RAM

How many types of RAM and how many pins in ram?

two type of ram static or dynamic

How many notches on bottom edge of the RAM module?

It depends on what type of RAM it is. Each type of RAM has different notches to prevent you from installing the wrong type by accident.

What is the knocking noise in a 1995 ram 1500 5.2 V8?

There is no way for me to know what is knocking in your Dodge Ram.There is no way for me to know what is knocking in your Dodge Ram.

Do computer need same type of RAM?

Type must be right. Ram size and speed not as important although ram speed will be the the slowest stick speed

Is RAM stored directly on the CPU?

No. RAM is a type of memory, not data.

What can be a sentence for RAM?

There is a type of dodge truck that is named the dodge ram

What are the differences between ram type turret lathe and saddle type turret lathe?

There are two types of VTLs , one is ram type and another is turret type. question asked is slightly confusing. He mean to say Ram and turret.

What type of software manipulate figures?


What determines what type and how much RAM you can use in the system?

Well the brand of computer and type (desktop or laptop) chooses what kind of RAM you can have. And you can have as much RAM as your operating system can support.

Is pc133 ram or sdram?

PC133 is an SDRAM standard. SDRAM is a type of RAM.

Is ram the same as sdram?

SDRAM is a type of RAM. There are other types of RAM also: DDR, DDR-2, FBRAM, RDRAM...

Do I have to buy a specific type of memory or RAM for internet gaming?

There is no specific type of RAM that needs to be purchased,only a certain amount.

What type of ram can be used on a hp laptop?

Download the system scanner at This will not only tell you what type of RAM your laptop can use, but also whether your laptop can take any more RAM.

What is the type of RAM memory used most often in today's computers?

4gb ram