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How do you know when a boy likes you?



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You know when a boy likes you when he...

  • stares at you
  • makes you laugh or in other words flirts with you.
  • when ever you look at him and he was already looking!
  • he always moves closer to you.
  • he takes your stuff so you will follow him.
  • he will sneak up behind and try to wrap his arm around you
  • stares at you
  • flirts with you(makes you laugh)
  • tries to hold you hand
  • tries to put his arms around you
  • if he teases you or makes fun or you
  • he protects you or when he is always on your side
  • tries to push you away from your friends to talk to you alone
  • tells you complements in front of your friends or his friends
  • when he ask you for your phone number
  • when he lets you lean on him or when he lets you get on his back for a piggy back ride
  • when he lets you sit in his lap
  • ask you questions like "whats your favorite color" or whats your favorite animal"(etc.)
  • helps you with something that you don't really need help in
  • He will like you when he's starring at your mouth, he wants to kiss you.
  • If a boy likes you he will stare at you and find reasons to be around you whenever he can.