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How do you know when a female betta is going to lay eggs?

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A female Betta can only lay her eggs when she is cuddled/embraced under a bubble nest by the male Betta. She can not lay eggs by herself.

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You can only tell if the Betta male makes a bubble nest at the top of the tank. That means that the betta female is going tohave their eggs.

They don't just "lay eggs" there has to be a male fish to spawn her.

When a female beta is ready to breed she develops a horizontal line the length of her body.

At once? Well THAT is unknown, but the total number of eggs laid by a female can vary from 50 to 500 eggs! It's amazing! I know this because I have researched from the internet to the books. I also have a male and female Betta Fish myself! They have so much personality!

The eggs will be in the tank and if the dad's in the tank take the mom out.If the dad isn't in the tank take the mom out and put the dad in.

Your betta fish is a female if she has smaller fins than an average male.

The female will do something with her fins and let the male know but when they do mat you have to be right there when it does because the male will kill the female but not the eggs. when the eggs hatch you have to take the male out or he will kill the baby's.

from my own personal studies in aquarism i concluded that the male will wrap-around the female depositing the eggs into the male who will place them into a bubble web at the top of the tank. p.s. what sex is your betta?

Male betta fish are really colorful and generally larger. Female betta fish are clear colored and small. Male betta fish are probably the easiest to find as well.

male betta typically have longer flowing fins and are bigger

the male will start to build a bubblenest, and her abdomen will get larger than normal, pay close attention!

Female bettas are usually less colorful and have short fins.

If you would like to know what gender your betta is, look for the egg spot. (for females) It should be a small white cloud between the head and body. If your betta has one, it's a female. If your betta doesn't have one, it's a male.

yes thy canBetta fish do not "have" babies. The male betta fish builds a bubble nest and then courts the female, she will display horizontal bars (not vertical) to let him know she's ready. They will do the betta "wrap" and she will drop eggs as he fertilizes them. At this point he scoops up the eggs and puts them in his nest. Her part is done and it is best to remove her for her safety. The male will care for the eggs until they hatch at which point his job is also done.

I can assure you the Betta does not think of you as a mate. They are not stupid and do know a female of their own species. Your Betta has simply reached sexual maturity and is building his display home in the hope that if a lady Betta comes along he can convince her to make fertile eggs with him under it.

Typically a male betta fish as longer flowing fins than the female

female betta fish have shorter fins and tails if u go to walmart and ask the for one female betta fish and one male u would see a big difference

well female will vertical bars on her sides that eggs are present n this is a signal to the male beta that the female beta is ready to spawn that's what i think don't be haten on me kk n nice to help out ttyl

It's very hard to tell mainly because betta fish are naturally aggressive fish. but if you look really closely the bigger the upper lip on the fish the more aggressive they will be. but to tell you the true it's a guessing thing you just have know after awhile of having many betta fish get more info on betta and follow me o my blog at *the link provided below.

A female Betta in breeding condition will look plump and have a rounded tummy area.

i know when they have eggs its when the female is always by the place she lad her eggs

When she gets fat and she starts waddling a lot. And when she starts to make a nest.

the Betta the female should have dark vertical stripes that's how you know shes ready to breed. at about 5 months old is a breeding Betta both male and female, when the male betta sees the female Betta they should flare at another, you should cut apiece of stiafoam cup in half,put it in the males tank put the female the tank in the jar, you can use duck weed for a bubble nest but the Styrofoam cup should do, the male should have alot of bubbles under the cup/duckweed, release the female if so,the male Will lead her to the bubble nest then they should embrace and then eggs will come out of the female and male will fertilized them and bring them to the surface over the next few days they'll hatch take female out after spawning leave the male in there once the eggs hatch remove the male.

If the female is chubby around the tummy area you could add her but be prepared to remove her if the male gets too boisterous. If he starts building a nest then you know you are in with a chance.