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Most coins have a date. Almost all coins are minted in the same year they are dated, but there are a few exceptions. If the date is worn off, I could give you a range of possible dates if you can give a good description of the design. BTW - the Penny is a British coin. The US uses Cents officially (but even the US Mint is calling them pennies now).

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Q: How do you know when a penny was made?
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What kind of metal is a penny made of?

A penny is made put of copper

How do I know if my penny is worth?

1944s wheat Penny

How much of a penny is made from copper?

Pennies are made of zinc coated with copper.

What were the 1861 confederate penny made of?

the 1861 Confederate penny was made of copper or nickel

Is there any penny made of sliver in 1979?

No. The U.S. has never made a silver penny.

Is a penny flammable?

A penny is made of metal, so is not flammable.

You want to know the price?

coin penny 1988 one penny

How do you know you have a 1934 bronze Penny?

All Australian and British general circulation 1934 Pennies were made from bronze.

Is a penny made out of a rock?

no it is made out of copper

What type of mixture is a penny?

A penny is not made up of a mixture. This is because no part of the penny can be physically separated.

What is the historical signifiance for the penny?

There are a few hings about the history of a penny. A penny was the first made currency from the US.

What was the quote made by George Washington?

to give a penny is to make a penny

What are moon penny?

An unoffical penny made to honor the moon landing

What is a penny piece made from?

First lets define "Penny Piece". A Penny Piece is a quite unattractive lady. If you see any lady that is under a 5.5 on the lady judgment scale, she is in fact a Penny Piece. So a Penny Piece is made from a man and a Penny Piece mating to conceive another Penny Piece.

Is a 1961 penny made of the same thing as a 2007 penny?

No, a 1961 US penny was 95 percent copper. Current pennies are made of zinc, with a copper shell.

Is a 1990 penny with no mint of value and if so how would I know?

It is worth a penny.

How can so many drops of water fit on a penny?

I don't know I'm asking you people who made this web site

Are pennys made of H20?

H2O is water so if that was the case you couldn’t use or carry a penny. You all ready know the answer.

What is a 1898 Indian head penny?

This is a penny made by the US mint in 1898.

Did they make a 1972 aluminum penny?

Yes an aluminum penny was made in 1972

What is the d on the penny?

The D on a penny indicates it was made at the Denver, Colorado mint

What coin is made out of copper?

The penny is made out of copper.

What coins are made from what minerals?


What a penny is made of?

From 1783-1837, a penny was pure copper. But newer pennies are made mostly of zinc.He is tottaly right

How can you enlarge your penny?

There is no way to enlarge a penny. In fact, because pennies are made of a metal, they cannot be enlarged or made smaller.