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Poorly done alterations can often be detected by enlarging areas of a digital photograph with image editing/viewing software and looking for tell-tale pixellation in suspected areas. Often, the pixels exhibit a noticeable transition in the range of the color palette in altered areas (the range of colors is markedly different).

Since you didn't specify digital or not: a printed image likely shows a delineation of some sort around anything that has been added before the altered image is reproduced. Altering could be interpreted to include where the resulting print was "burned in" or "dodged" during the printing exposure stage. This is pretty much undetectable unless over-done, and you probably were not asking about this anyway.

Aside from these visual clues, a trained eye can often detect inconsistencies in lighting, shadows or specular highlights. For example, shadows of objects may fall on their left, but one object casts no shadow or it is on the opposite side or it's angle is different. The same can be said for specular highlights such as reflected sunlight being or not being where it should.

Sometimes, the photograph is so well doctored that common sense or research is all that most of us can go by. For this, I'm reminded of the fantastic picture of a huge leaping shark that appeared to be ready to devour someone dangling on a rope ladder attached to a helicopter. Anything fantastic is suspect, in my opinion. While I could make a case for the fact that there are specular highlights on the helicopter (indicating the sun was behind the photographer and off to the left) yet there were none on the shark, Google is often the best tool to relegate such images to the hoax files.

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Definitely possible to photograph it. But you cannot catch the image on a screen but virtual image can be seen by eyes. So photograph too is possible.

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This would be the opposite of a blurry or unfocused image.

Is a photograph a digital image generated from an equation?


What is the word for a photograph in detail?

A photograph is an image created by light falling on a light-sensitive surface

How would the colors in a satellite image of an area compare with a color photograph of the same area?

The satellite image will have more realistic surface of the Earth compared to photograph.

What is a soil image of clay?

He altered the text

What is an image shot horizontally known as?

An image shot horizontally is called a landscape photograph.

What is a image-editing software?

it is to enhance a photograph!!

If you draw from a photograph but it is not an identical image are you in breach of copyright?

If the photograph is copyrighted then the copyright owner has the exclusive right to make derivative works, including drawings or paintings of any recognizable portion of the original photograph. Copyright duration of works produced prior to 1977 is discussed under "Duration of copyrights".

What is difference between photograph and photographer?

A photograph is a picture, the image itself, and it is also a verb describing what is done to obtain the image. A photographer is someone who makes the exposure and photograph. I saw a wonderful Ansel Adams photograph today. Mr. Mills will photograph you and we'll put a copy of it in the newsletter. He's a really fine photographer.

Is it possible to make an image permanent?

A photograph taken using a camera is an example of permanent image.

How do you use the word photograph in a sentence?

A photograph using film may be created by using a negative image. The new reporter was assigned to photograph dignitaries at the event.

The function of scanner in computer?

it lets you edit an image or photograph

What does it mean you overexpose your photograph?

The image would be too bright

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No. Nor can you create one in three dimensions.

How do you take off spots on a photograph?

If possible, the easiest and safest way is to scan the photograph, remove the spots digitally, and print a new version - there's no danger of damaging the original photograph that way. If that is impractical, for example the photograph might be too big to scan, then you will have to remove the spots from the original image. You can get specialist inks from photo suppliers which are designed to "de-spot" images. Obviously, follow the instructions on the inks, but you will need a fine brush, a good light, a magnifier and lots of patience! I'd strongly recommend that you practise with a photograph where it doesn't matter if it is damaged.

Another word for picture especially if its digital?

Image, Pictograph, or Photograph

What is another word for still image?

a picture, a still, a painting, photograph...

What is a tilted aerial photograph?

tilted aerial photograph have- 3% or less tiltØ True Vertical photographØ Reduced Image distortionØ Nearly constant scale

What is the difference between a film photograph and a digital image?

A film photo cannot be zoomed while a digital image can be zoomed

How scanner work?

A scanner works by capturing the digital image of document and uploading it to the computer. The image can then be altered and reprinted.

What is a synonym for photograph?

Some of the synonyms are image, picture, photo,snapshot and portrait.