How do you know when an earthquake has passed?


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you would be able to feel the vibration of it on the gound...or even on the walls.....


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We will never know when the first earthquake was.

Animals know when an earthquake is coming just days before and they go crazy.

I don't really know in 1940 I think there was an earthquake I seriously don't know.

You can tell when an earthquake is coming by using an seismograph.

Animals will certainly feel the effect of an earthquake and react to it. Whether animals "know" is a tough question to answer. They probably don't have the concept of "earthquake". But some of them might have instincts that kick in when an earthquake is taking place.

There will, no doubt, be an earthquake in 2012 but no one can know when or where it will happen, or how severe it will be.

the first earthquake in oklahoma was in 1905, in oklahomacity. people don't know this, but that was the first earthquake in the United States.

Yes, the sentence 'How will you know if you passed it?' is grammatically correct. 'I'm pretty sure I passed my English exam.' 'How will you know if you passed it?' 'I'll find out when I go back to school on Monday.'

An area of Earth's surface where seismographs cannot detect an earthquake after waves has passed.

As i know,the earthquake lasted 15-30 seconds.

scientists know the exact spot where an earthquake begins because they use a ritcher scale

It's unknown where the first earthquake on planet Earth occurred.It is impossible to know where the first earthquake in Earth's history occurred.

An answer can't be given because we don't know the earthquake you ask about.

Well I don't know all that much about Earthquakes but I do know this. The location can affect the intensity of an Earthquake, because of where it is on the Earth. Good bye.

When an earthquake happens, seismic waves are formed. They are formed after two tectonic plates slide passed each other. When they slide passed each other, they get stuck, and when too much stress builds up there is a sudden release of energy. That is when the earthquake happens.

We do not know exactly but we know that there was a big earthquake in 1998

mission dolores is know for surviving the 1906 earthquake and fire

Nature does not 'know' anything. It is not a sentient being.

a milkshake : ) how did you know?.....WEBKINZ

Because they are recorded on a seismometer.

I dont know wheather garchomp learns earthquake but yoy can definatly teach it.

As far as we know Hino Matsuri is still alive after the earthquake that occured in Japan.

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