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There is no way of knowing, that's what makes earthquakes so very terrifying.

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When is there going to be an earthquake?

The truth is is we don't know when a earthquake will strike, it can strike any day, anywhere, and anytime, so be prepared when it strikes!

What is a strike-slip earthquake?

It's a earthquake where two plates move sideways from eachother for example the San Andreas Fault is a strike-slip earthquake.

What type of earthquake was the San Francisco Earthquake?

It was a transform or strike slip boundary earthquake.

Did the Japanese know that the earthquake was going to strike?

japan knew about it 15 minutes before it was soon to happen

When is trinidads and tobago next earthquake?

the scientists do not know exactly when there would be a next strike but according to their information, it WILL BE SOON!

How can communities prepare for earthquakes and volcanoes?

People cannot really predict when a volcano or earthquake will strike. But if they do know there will be one they should evacuate. In earthquake-prone areas, buildings are constructed to withstand strong earthquake forces.

What date did the earthquake in Christchurch strike?


What is the earthquake called in haiti?

Strike-Slip Fault.

Where in Haiti did the earthquake strike?

In Port au Prince

What are haitis major events?

The hunger strike and the earthquake

Can scientists predict when an earthquake and how?

obviously they can't predict it because they don't know how much stress is put together in strike slip faults!

When did the 2010 Haiti earthquake strike?

January 12th.In my words.

When did the japan earthquake strike?

Friday 11th March 2011

What time did the September earthquake strike in Christchurch?


What type of earthquake occured in the Fort Tejom earthquake in 1857?

The kind of quake was a right-lateral strike-slip

Is the instrument for predicting earthquake already invented?

Yes, it is called the pusometer. It detects when and where an earthquake will strike, it is quite accurate.

How do you know tsunamis are coming?

Tsunamis are almost impossible to be detected directly before they strike. However, one can detect the earthquake that causes them and then issue a warning.

Why is it easier for people to keep safe from a volcanic eruption than from earthquake?

because an earquake can strike anywhere at any tme whereas you know where a volcanoe is(.)

At what time did the Gujarat earthquake of 2001 strike?

8.46am local time

What type of fault was the Great Chilean Earthquake on?

It was a strike slip fault.

Is it likely for an earthquake to occur in the us?

of course many strike in CA

True or false geologists can predict accurately where and when an earthquake will strike?


What went wrong in haiti?

they had an earthquake strike their country and devestate everything

When did the great San Francisco earthquake strike?

April 18, 1906

Where will the next major earthquake strike in the pacific ocean?

in ur vagina