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You can tell if a guy is cheating on you because he'll act different or not be around you as much

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How do you live with a cheating wife?

Talk to her about it does she know you know she is cheating ?

How do you know your girlfriends cheating on you?

I know your girlfriend is cheating on you bc she has no time for you

Who do you know that your boyfriend is not cheating on you?

ok plz tel me how do you know if your boyfriend is cheating on you?

How do you know if you are cheating?

you will know if your cheating when you are dating someone and dating someone else at the same time.

Does selanagomez know justinbieber is cheating?

Justin Bieber is not cheating on her.

How do you convince your girl your not cheating?

Try, I don't know, NOT CHEATING.

How do you know when a teenage boy is cheating on you?

you he is cheating on you when he stares at another girls butt.

Did the Patriots know they were cheating?

The Patriots did not cheat. Therefore they could not have known they were "cheating".

My boyfriend is cheating on me what do I do?

if he is cheating on you then you know he is stupid and just break up with it will be his loss!

If you're dating two sisters and they know about each other is that cheating?

If they know about each other then no, it's not technically cheating.

How do you know when your girlfriend cheating on you?

Ask her if shes cheating on you! Nah im kidding i dont know sorry ? :( and im a guy

How can you know if she is cheating with a women?

Most likely in the same ways that you might know she was cheating with a man. It could even be less obvious, though, especially if she was cheating with one of her female friends.

How do you tell someone you dont know that their girl is cheating?

tell them you don't know that their girl is cheating!! Unless your the guy sneaking around with her!!!

How to get even with a cheating partner?

If you know ANYTHING about relationships, you know that 'getting even' is the worst thing you can do. You have to be POSITIVE that they're cheating, then talk to them.

How will you know if a guy is cheating on his long distance fiance?

To know if a guy is cheating on his long distance fiance one has to keep a watch over them. One has to read the signs of cheating if there are any. One has to read the speech etc to know that.

How can you tell if a female is cheating?

I feel that my girl friend is cheating on me with some body we both know

How will you know if a woman is cheating?

If she cringes at your touch or blows off your attempts at intimacy she could be cheating.

Does Selena Gomez know that Justin Bieber is cheating?

He's not cheating on her. It's just a rumor.

I found out my dad is cheating on my mom but he doesn't know I know what should I do?

If you found out that your dad is cheating on your mom, but he does not know that you have discovered the same, simply share the issue with a friend of your mom.

Nick cannon is cheating on mariah Carey he goes with ashey tisdale?

i really dont know if he is cheating on her she is a pretty woman for somebody to be cheating on her he is wrong

How do you know your wife is cheating?

You cant know unles you have real evidence.

How do you know a boy is cheating on you?

ANSWER: When you say a boy, can you tell me how old this boy it? Maybe from there, we can figure out why he might be cheating..

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