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if their beak is kind of blueish, purplish then its a boy

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Q: How do you know when parakeet is male or female?
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How do you know when a male and female parakeet are about to mate?

the male will start feeding the hen

How do you know if your parakeet is male or female?

As they grow up a male parakeet gets a blue nose (The thing above the beak) and the female get a mire milk like nose?

Does a female parakeet need a male parakeet to hatch an egg?

A female parakeet can lay an egg without a male, but it will not be fertilized, therefore the egg will not hatch. So, yes, a female parakeet does need a male to "hatch" an egg.

How do you know if your female parakeet loves your male parakeet?

Probably when they are very affectionate with one another or you have baby parakeets.

Can you put a male and female parakeet in the same cage?

I just purchased a female Parakeet and a week later purchased a Male. Currently they are both in differetnt cages but I would like to know if I can put them together ?

How do you know if your parakeet is a male or a female?

to tell you look at there nostrill if it is blue or purple

How do you know if a white parakeet is male or female?

It is the same as looking at a regular parakeets nose, the darker the blueish color you know its male the lighter the pinkish color then its a female.

Is female parakeet bigger that male parakeet?

if laying, yes/

Should a male parakeet cage mate be male or female?


How do you tell the difference between and male and a female albino parakeet?

A male parakeet has a blue nose. A female parkeet has a brown nose.

How do you know if a male parakeet is ready to bred?

There are no particular signs that a male parakeet is ready to breed...they breed when they can find a willing female keet to breed with (as long as they are old enough).

Does the male parakeet have to be bigger than the female parakeet to be friends?


Does the male or female parakeet sing?

Both. My parakeet is male and sings just about every morning, and my friend has 2 parakeets, one male, one female and they both sing.

Should you remove the male parakeet out of the cage with egg and the female parakeet?


How do you tell what sex your parakeet is?

A female parakeet has blue-tipped wings and a male parakeet has red-tipped wings.

Does a male parakeet take care of the eggs when the female parakeet dies?

Depends on the male if it usually goes in the nest then yes

Can a female parakeet nose turn blue?

I don't think so. I read that adult female parakeets noses are brown and that adult male parakeets noses are blue. But, young female parakeet's noses are "bluish" and a young male parakeet's nose is pink.

Will a male parakeet hurt the baby parakeet?

no it will not. Actually it help the female parakeet with the babies. don't be scared if they enter the nest.

Does a female or male parakeet sing?

Both male and female parakeets sing, squawk, chirp, etc.

Why does a female parakeet peck a male parakeet?

It might peak the male's head for fun. My parakeet does that and my dad says they are just having fun.

Can an older male parakeet mate with a young female parakeet?

yes, animals do not discriminate by age

How does a parakeet get a baby?

The female and male parakeet do a cloaca kiss and make a baby bird deedadee

If you have a female parakeet can you bring in a male parakeet in a couple of months?

you can leave them together all the time

How do know a male from a female parakeet?

On the parakeet is a colored patch above the beak (cere); in males light to dark blue and female pinkish to tan, or brown if breeding; immature of both sexes are pinkish to pinkish blue.

Why would a parakeet kill another parakeet in the same cage if its only those two parakeets and they are the different gender?

If it is a Female killing a male She might be pregnant, mine is pregnant and she fights him somrtimes too but not anymore. If a female killing female, females don't get along and it could of got to the point of death. A male killing a male is prepostperous most guide books say get a male and a male or a female and a female that way so the parakeet won't be lonley