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How do you know when someone is a pervert?


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July 03, 2010 12:22PM

This all depends on what you think is perverted. to some having sex without the intention of having a child as a result is perversion. People get up to some pretty weird and wacky behavior in getting their sexual kicks and if it is between consenting sane persons it would be impossible to know.

Sometimes this is hard to figure out. Some of these people will wait for a long time before they make a move, but they will try things first to see if the prey they are after is weak or open to suggestion. I saw an Oprah show with interviews of some men who had been arrested for this and they admitted that they would start out with small things like rubbing the shoulder, wrestling, play fighting, always there to "listen". Remember this is more about a predator getting his prey than anything else. If you get a funny feeling around someone listen to your inner voice.