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How do you know when the oil pump is going bad on a 1997 5.7L Chevy silverado?

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A good sign that your oil pump is going bad is a decrease in oil pressure, though this can sometimes be fixed by replacing the oil pressure sensor. However, if you are experiencing decreased oil pressure readings along with lifters knocking it is most likely not the sensor, but the pump itself. From previous experience with failed oil pumps these are the steps I would take; start your truck, check the oil pressure, pop the hood and rev the engine, if you hear a repetitive metal knocking noise coming from the cylinder heads along with decreased or no oil pressure, most likely your oil pump has failed and is unable to push oil back through your engine. This is a serious problem and if this is what is happening it is recommended that you do not drive the truck or rev the engine anymore, as this can cause serious damage to your engine.

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