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How do you know when you are preppy?

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Simple Step 1: Complain like a prep; when you're at a restaurant complain to waiters. And freak out when you get gum on your shoe.

Step 2: Attend preppy events; Horse races, Ballet concerts, Stage theatre, and The orchestra will give you opportunities to show of your formal wear (see step 3)

Step 3: Buy formal and semi formal clothing; Formal could be a suit if you're a guy or a dress if you're a girl DON'T GO OVER THE TOP!. And semi formal could be a button up shirt with vest or a sundress. if your a girl get a nice purse that suits you. Don't ever wear flip flops.

Step 4: Confidence; walk shoulders up, chest slightly out, and look straight foreword. It helps to have a song that makes you feel confident or awesome playing in you're head.

Step 5: TALK THE TALK: Most preps will expect everyone to listen so when you talk speak slightly quieter and slower like an adult. Make eye contact and don't be afraid to touch someone you know on the shoulder while you talk to them. Don't curse too often and use larger words. maybe join a word of the day thing and make a list of good words you know. learning a second language couldn't hurt.

Step 6: Groom: Make sure to shower every day also have a hairstyle; curled, straight if you're a girl spiked slicked back if you're a guy. But don't just go to school with it down, in a pony tail, or bun. Have great dentil care. floss, brush mouthwash. brush in the shower to save time. Make sure your nails are short and clean and toe nails too. Shave are's that need shaved. and get a good cologne/perfume (should be at least $400)

Step 7: BEHAVE; Don't smoke/or do drugs, don't fight at all (even if you're a guy). Don't spit, fart, burp ect. Eat small bites and chew with your mouth closed. Never drink out of the can or bottle unless you have to. Avoid eating with your hands and always have a napkin.

Now go be preppy!

2017-06-18 15:40:40
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Q: How do you know when you are preppy?
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How do you host a preppy party?

act preppy

Why do emo guys date preppy girls?

i know some emo guys who date preppy girls,they say that if they are seen with people like that they might reconsider thinking emos are depressed and lonely and sometimes preppy and emos have enough in comeing to go out ?

Why are preppy people SOOOOOOO annoying?

Preppy people are annoying because they don't know when to shut up. Also they listen to annoying music so it rubs off on them! lolz

What kinda of girls do preppy guys like?

well that's kinda easy if you like a preppy guy they would like a preppy girl.....but i warn you if the guy is preppy and your not DONT CHANGE YOURSELF to fit his needs.....and if you put together a preppy guy and a preppy girl man do you have alot of ego in that relationship

Is gaydar gay?

If by this question you are asking if HAVING gaydar is gay than the answer is no.Gaydar is more of an instinct or an educated guess i suppose.You don't have to be "preppy" to know when someone is preppy.So you don't have to be gay to know whether someone is gay or not.

Is Selena Gomez punk or preppy?

both...mostly preppy

How do you get a preppy girl to like a preppy-punk guy?

you don't.

Where can you buy preppy clothing?

You can buy alot of preppy cloths at your local mall.

What are the release dates for Preppy Hippies - 2007 Sketch Camp Preppy Hippies 1-0?

Preppy Hippies - 2007 Sketch Camp Preppy Hippies 1-0 was released on: USA: 2007

How can a rocker guy get a preppy girls attention?

just try talking to her,get to know her friends,hang out by her locker,ask her opinion on a song your listening to girls love attention:) especially preppy ones no offense to them but they do (\_/) ( '-' ) (")(")

What is dressing preppy?

Dressing preppy is buying clothes from places like Hollister and Abercrombie and other expensive places. If you wear those clothes its considered as preppy. :)

Why are preppy girls so mean?

Honestly, a true preppy girl is supposed to be nice, and not talk about others, and flash money around. To a true preppy girl, like myself, that is rude, gaudy fake, and wrong. A true preppy girl is nice everyone. So who ever answered this question first you are not a true preppy girl. Preppy girls are usually rude to girls unlike them they arnt nice and itd be a surprise to see a preppy girl who wasnt a bitch they are all usually self centerd and self absorbed

Is plaid skater or preppy?

it depends. if its pink, preppy. blak and grey, skater. it all in in the colors.

Is Preppy a counterculture or subculture?

Preppy is a subculture because, it does not oppose the norms or values of the dominant culture.

Who is the preppie killer?

the term is the "preppy" killer . anyway the preppy killer is Robert chambers and his G.F .

Is DC clothing preppy?

DC clothing is primarily worn by skaters and rockers... Although a few preppy kids take a liking to it here and there. DC mocks preppy clothes for the use of the towny skater kids that want to look preppy but not entirely homosexual.

What does it mean to be called an abercombie girl?

Classic, preppy, but with a bit of an edge. Cooler than your average "preppy".

Where can you buy the best armsleeves?

Hotopic or Clairs, i know Clairs is a preppy store but they have some REALLY kool armsleaves

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Is preppy bad?

Being preppy is not bad. It depends on your point of view. If your school/University tends to not like the preppy idea, then maybe being preppy might not make a lot of friends. On the other hand, if you are a prep, and people don't like the idea, then you are merely expressing yourself. Its not bad to express yourself.

Why are preppy kids popular?

Because like, they act like theyre so cool and like they know or think they look good and like theyre so outgoing (sometimes) and like oh my god they love to talk and like well in other words preppy people are usually popular to other annoying preppy people. Not very often you'll see a goth kid go hey lets start hanging out with the preppy people they're so cool.

What are the three most popular stores for buying preppy clothing?

Abercrombie, Hollister and American Eagle are preppy, and really cute! (:

Is boathouse preppy?

I think so

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