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you will know when you're ready when it feels right... there are no other ways to describe it, but if it feels right and you want to go with it.. then do so.. don't let your doubts keep you from making a commitment :)

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โˆ™ 2008-08-31 10:24:47
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Q: How do you know when you are ready to make a commitment?
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What do you do as you know he is cheating?

if my boyfriend was cheating on me i would talk to him if he was like okay i will break up with her if he was like cant i just date both of you i would break up with him cause obviously he isn't ready to make a commitment and you DONT want to be with someone who isn't ready To make a commitment no matter how hot he is

What does it mean if she says she needs time?

When she says she needs time, it means she is not ready to make a commitment or is not ready to do whatever it is that she was asked to do.

What if your friend will not make a commitment arrangement?

If your friend will not make a commitment arrangement, it could be that he or she is not ready to take that step, as well as other possibilities. The worst thing you could do is to try to force the issue.

How can you get somebody you like to go out n be with you again if they are not ready to commit?

You need to be patient and not expect them to make a commitment until they're ready. If you try to make them commit to early, you may end up pushing them farther away. Try hanging out more often to get them more comfortable with the idea of commitment and the idea of the commitment being with you.

If you and your ex are back seeing each other and you are ready to make a commitment but he isn't should you wait?

i think you should leave him he will not ever ready

How do you know if your boyfriend for six years living with and doesnt say he loves you?

he may just be scared and not ready for the commitment

How do you make drama about commitment?

When you make a big deal out of it and talk about it to everyone you know. A drama is a serious play and in a commitment you might make a big deal out of it as if only happened to you.

Why has he not asked you to marry him?

maybe hes not ready or hes afraid of commitment or he doesnt know how you will react? there could be various reasons.

What should you do if your boyfriend proposes to you and you have only been dating for a month?

if you don't want to marry him or your not ready to marry him, explain to him, i think that we haven't been dating long enough to make a commitment like that. but if you feel like your ready to spend the rest of your life with him you already know the answer.

Been together for ten years why hasn't he pop the question?

maybe he isn't sure you are ready for the commitment. you should let him know that you love him and that you totally are ready for this kind of change. let him know that you will be the one who he will want to be with the rest of his life.

Why men ask women to move in?

because they are ready for a commitment

What do you answer if a guy says he loves you?

Well if you also love him , your reply back " I love you too" , but if you dont you have to let him know your not ready for that commitment yet .

Does commitment issues mean that you are afraid of long term relationships?

yes , it means your not ready for it or think you are not ready

When a girl says she is not ready to make a commitment but she doesnt want to lose you but if you are feeling reservations maybe you should try being friends until she is ready to be your girlfriend?

Yes, but if you are feeling reservations than wait until you are both ready

Why does your narcissist tell you he loves you but refuses to give you a commitment?

He loves himself more. Are you sure you want a commitment from a narcissist? He is not ready for a commitment. You need to decide for yourself how long you want to stay in the relationship without a commitment.

What does I like you but I am not not ready for a girlfriend REALLY mean?

That yes he does like you, but he is either afraid of commitment, wouldn't know how to handle a relationship, or is too cheap to pay for things.

If your boyfriend asks to see you vagina should you show him?

Well, it depends. Are you ready for that commitment? No, if your not ready. Yes, if you are AND you can trust him with that responsibility!

Make a sentence by the word commitment?

i made a commitment to a friend

What does it mean if he says he is not ready to be in a relationship after two months?

He's scared of commitment.

What factors determine weather an at risk couple should have children?

Well, you should make sure that you both want to have children, and you must be ready for that commitment. If you are at risk of divorce, then DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN! The process (if you know what I mean) will not be enjoyable. I would say don't.

What should i do about a guy a been seeing for almost 2 years now who said he is not ready for a committed relationship yet until he get his life together?

Respect him. He doesn't want to make a commitment and get your life messed up like his is. let him get his life together, but also let him know there are guys out there who have their lives together and you are ready to commit and you need a guy who is ready to commit as well.

What can you take to make you have a period?

Not that i know of it happens on its own ...when your ready .

How how do you know when a catapillar is ready to make a pupa?

I know after winter and in spring when flowers bloom.

Which is correct Do you know when my car will be ready or Do you know when will my car be ready?

Do you know when my car will be ready.

If a guy you like isn't ready for a committed relationship yet but said be patience what should i do?

Do not wait for him to call. Go out, have fun with your girlfriends, and date other guys. If he knows that you are not going to sit by the phone and wait for him to call, than he will make the commitment if he really likes you. Otherwise, who knows if and when he will be ready to make a commitment? Life is too short and unexpected to keep your life on hold for someone who does not want you at this moment.