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you got to the bathroom and if you arn't prepared like must of us arn't. You can keep a calander and you can track it better that's what I do and it works great. You;ll know when it comes pay attention to how you feel and then each month you'll know. Some people I know get moody which they call PMS, and you may have other signs. I am not sure if you'll get cramps but if you do they are very painful and not fun. Having your peirod isn't fun. I have to go through it my self and I don't look forward to it at all I would keep it private unless you want everyone to know? may I ask you age? you don't have to tell me?

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Why is the top of a volcano called a crater?

I do not know. I just don't know period! I do not know. I just don't know period!

You know your second last period when are you due?

i know when my second last period was when am i due?

How do you know when you got your period?

You will know when your period starts, because you will have blood coming from you vagina.

I had 2 period last month how will i know if I am pregnant?

i had 2 period last month how will i know if i iam pregnent?

How do you know when your period has ended?

your period will be on for 21 days

What is Edward's first period?

Don't know about his period, but i know he'll enjoy feasting on yours :)

What was the period known as the age of fishes?

the Devonian Period was know to be the period that was the age of the fishes

When did the period know as middle ages begin?

the period know as the middle ages start in the year 1066

Why do you bleed during your period?

that's how you know that your starting a period

How could you no vaginal bleeding different from period?

pheeew i do not know if you get your period if it is the first one a month then chanses are its period but i dont know ask your doctor

How does your boy friend know if you are on your period?

If your boyfriend knows that you're on your period, and you want to know how he knows, then why not ask him? Unless he sees your menstrual supplies, then he would likely only know if you told him that you were on your period.

If you have a irregler period how do you know when it starts?

You do not know as it is irregular.

How do you know if your pregnant-?

You will know if you are pregnant if you miss your period.

How do you know when your period comes?

you know your period is coming when you start to grow pubic hair and when you notic you chest is growing.

Im on your period you want to know if its ok to have an infection while on your period?

no no

How do you know if your period ended?

You know that your period has ended when the bleeding stops. After your flow you may have a little spotting for a few days, but once you have only discharge your period has ended.

How will you know your ovulation period?

== == the best way to know it's to get a test for ovulation and do it every day after your period in the same time

How do i know if i'm on a period?

You will know if your on your period because you will see a dark bloody stain on your underwear. Or you will have cramps on your lower belly

How fast do you know if your pregnant?

you know when you dont get your period when you are soppose to.

How do you know when ovulating with no period and an IUD?

id love to know!!

How do you know if you missed your period or not if your period timing always changes?


How do you know if your pregnant if you have your period for 2-3 days?

If you have period you are not pregnant.

How do you know when your period is going tocome?

my period use come on now but now it not on why

What do you need to know about your period?

you just need to know that you dont need to be afraid and do not eat things that make your stomach hurt while on your period. also always tell your mom that you are on your period. be very careful after you have your period you can get prenate

How will you know that your getting your period?