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How do you know when you need to replace the head gasket?

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Engine overheating, white smoke from the tailpipe, coolant in the oil, air bubbling from radiator with cap off engine cold and running. A compression test will verify if indeed the gasket is blown.

2006-08-09 13:21:35
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When replacing valves do you need to replace head gasket?

If you remove the head then of course you replace the head gasket.Where can you get sodium silicate to fix a blown head gasket?Know that adding sodium silicate to an engine is only a temporary fix for a blown head gasket and will not permantly fix the problem. The only permanent fix is to replace the head gasket. I would never add any head gasket fix material to any engine.

How serious is seepage at the cylinder head gasket?

It's up there. If you have seepage at the head gasket, you need to replace it.

There is a Crack in the head gasket and oil is being forced up how can you fix it?

Unfortunately you probably need to replace the head gasket...not an easy task unless you know what your doing and have the right tools

How do you know which cylinder has the head gasket blown?

It does not matter. If one is blown on a V6 or V8 then you need to replace them both.

How can you change head gasket seal on Ford Falcon EL?

hi if you replace the head gasket you will need to have the head repaired and machined as the head alloy eat's out which causes the gasket to fail

How do you repair ablown head gasket in a toyota camry 2003?

You need to remove the head cylinder and replace the gasket. You will need at least to get a good manual if you want to do it on your own.

How much does it cost to replace the head gasket on a 2006 Hyundai Elantra?

No,I need an answer.

Do you need to pull the north star engine to replace the head gasket?


What do i need to replace if i have coolant in the transmission of my 02 ford focus?

The head gasket.

Do you need to replace cylinder head bolts on a Nissan Sentra when changing cylinder head gasket?


How do you know if you need a new head gasket or a thermostat on a 1995 Pontiac grand prix?

You will need a new head gasket if you see engine coolant in the oil. I don't know about the thermostat.

How do you know when its time to replace the head gasket on a 1997 cav Z24 how much does this repair run?

If the vehicle does not have any bad head gasket symptoms like fluid loss or cooling system pressure build up or white smoke out the tailpipe then the head gasket does not ever need to be replaced.

My car ingene has water in oil what kid of job does it need?

u have a blown head gasket.u need to replace the head gasket

Do you need to replace head bolts1997 Tahoe when replacing heag gasket?

YES that is a must.

How do replace head gasket 96 accord?

Replacing a head gasket on a 1996 Honda Accord requires removal of the cylinder head, timing belt, and several other components. The head will need to be resurfaced. Remove the old gasket and place the new one with gasket sealer. Reinstalled the head.

Replace intake gasket on expedition?

Need more details... Or explain what you need to know...

How do you tell if the head is cracked or you need a new head gasket?

To tell if the head is cracked, you have to remove it from the car, so you will replace the head gasket, anyway. Take the head to a machine shop and have it magnafluxed to see if it's cracked.

Head gasket replacement 96 sonoma?

I don't understand the question. Seems to be missing some words. You need to replace the head gasket if it is bad or if the head is coming off for another purpose.

What other parts do you need to replace in 1998 Honda Civic when you replace your head Gasket?

You will need the intake and exhaust manifold gaskets. I would also install new head bolts.

When replacing a valve cover do you also need to remove the head gasket and replace it too?

No you do not.... the valve cover only bolts to the head, and the head bolts to the block... True- these are two different jobs. When changing your valve cover gasket you may just want to ensure that your head bolts and lifters are still torqued down properly. Otherwise, DO NOT remove the head gasket if you simply want to change the valve cover gasket. when replacing the head gasket you should replace the valve cover gasket and may need to (depending on make & model) replace the egr gasket, intake mainifold gasket, and exhaust manifold gasket ...but not the other way around. If your replacing the head gasket ask your local auto shop if they carry a head gasket kit that includes everything necessary in one box...but if your just changing the valve cover gasket then just change that.

How tight do the head-gasket bolts need to be for a Chevy c1500?

how tight should we tight the head gasket bolt for a ford f150 Need to know the engine size.

How do you replace a head gasket on a 1993 Buick Roadmaster?

The head has to be removed on the 1993 Roadmaster to get to the gasket. You will need to remove the intake, exhaust manifold, and valve cover then unbolt the head to remove it. Check the head for warpage while it is removed.

You need step be step instructions to replace the head gasket in a 1995 Hyundai Sonata?

buy a manual

How do you know if you have a warped head after it blew a head gasket?

The head will need to be inspected at a machine shop. They can tell you if it is warped or cracked.

What does it cost to replace the head gasket on a 1989 Plymouth sundance?

The cost to replace the head gasket is between $900 and $1200. The actual cost will vary between shops as each uses a different labor rate and there could be items that need to be repaired or replaced due to overheating that commonly occurs with a bad head gasket.