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How do you know when you start to develop breast milk?


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Most often, you will find a slight caking on the nipple. It almost looks like dandruff. The breast might leak a tiny amount of a clear liquid, or even darker fluid. The caking is the leakage that has dried.

The breast will become fuller, and sometimes sore. But the usual signs are that the nipple will "leak". This can also happen with non pregnant women who have a different hormonal make up.


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It swells as milk glands develop and fill up

No there are glands in the breast and your horomones start the production of the milk if you feel your breast they may feel knotty that's the swollen glands.

Yes, mine did. Just know that you may start producing small amounts of breast milk (I did, but it doesn't worry me as there is no leaking). Good luck!

It is a naturaly process of the body. It is realted to breastfeeding. The breast must develop in order to provide a place for milk when she is pregnant.

Breast milk comes from the milk ducts in a female's breast.

It will take weeks, most likely, to get a decent flow of milk, but yes, you will produce breast milk if you're not pregnant and pump. Even men can produce breast milk if they pump. Read the instructions that come with it.

If you mean after your baby is born what month do you start then you need to start the day your baby is born, in the hospital. They will have nurses there to assist you as well if you need it. Just let them know you plan on breast feeding so they will not give your child a bottle.

I don't know but probably drinking too much milk. your breast veins will stretch and tear and milk flies everywhere

A breast has to be lactating to produce milk.

i am dillip. i married 15 days i know that my wife's have leckage of milk on her breast. that is possible ya not possible. i know that a lady after pregnancy can give her milk but now i didnot understand that is possible

when a girl is pregnant she starts producing milk it is due to haemoglobinal reaction.

No. Whether you milk has been there all along, or if it just now began producing, you need to see your dictor immediately.

Not that I know of. I know that you must either be pregnant or have a baby to make breast milk or you must have a strong connection to the mother or child and thus be sympathetic towards the pain of childbirth or overcome with love for either the mother or child and that's how you can get breast milk.

Breast milk is made when it is needed it is not stored in the breast.

Breast milk can be used in recipes for brownies or anything else. What you have to watch is that breast milk is much different than cow's milk. Human milk has much less fat than cow's milk and this will change the outcome of your recipe. Give it a try and let us know your results. This would be a great use of expressed breast milk that the baby does not need.

all women have milk buds in there breast but dont start producing milk until pregnant.

Well, girls secret little amount of breast milk even before pregnancy. it may come out while pressing them. its nothing to worry about.

I started lactating breast milk very early on in my pregnancy. It wasn't a noticeable problem until 5 or 6 months

Domperidone increases the level of a hormone (prolactin) in your body, which is involved in breast milk production. Therefore as the prolactin level is raised the amount of breast milk produced increases.

Only if the body carrying the breast milk in the breast turned into powder.

Soy milk does not contain the nutrients that a baby needs as food and if the baby is not getting these nutrients (best provided by mothers breast milk) it will not develop properly.

No, you can not get breast cancer from breast milk. However, if you have breast cancer and you are recieving chemotherapy, radiation, or medicine, you should not be nursing since your milk will be affected.

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