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How do you know when your appendix is about to burst?

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Right lower abdominal pain will usually indicate problems with your appendix. No one is certain when an appendix may burst, but an abdominal CT or ultrasound my show an enlargement or fluid around the appendix. It must be operated on before it bursts as this organ is full of toxic materials that will cause peritonitis and sepsis if it is left untreated.

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What are signs that let you know that your appendicitis is about to burst?

There are no signs, which will tell you that the appendix is about to burst.

How does your appendix burst?

When you have Appendicitis your appendix gets inflamed. If you don't get it treated it will continue to swell and burst. If you don't get to doctor after your appendix burst it could be life threatening. You will know that something is wrong because there will be a lot of pain in your stomach.

Can you make your make your appendix burst if so how?

No, your appendix would only burst if you got appendicitis. A burst appendix is very serious and could kill you.

If your appendix hurts should you consult a doctor?

Yes, immediately. A burst appendix can kill you. You may not have a burst one, but you won't know until a doctor examines you.

What is a burst appendix?

It is when the appendix is inflammed and bursts, when it burst the appendix poisen spread throughout the body killing every cell in your body, and you eventually die.

How do you know if your appendix is going to burst?

As a patient you cannot know if the Appendix is burst. Appendix usually bursts if there is delay in presentation or delay in diagnosis. Clinically the pain will get worse and patient will develop signs of peritonitis with marked degree of guarding, high pulse rate and temperature to suggest perforation.

Can the appendix burst?

Answer: Yes, it can.

Will you die from a bursted appendix?

Not necessarily (and it's called a burst appendix).

Can you die from a burst appendix?


Can a burst appendix be treated without surgery?

no. if a burst appendix is not removed very quickly, it will become infected and the patient will probably die

Where is pain from a burst appendix?

the appendix is located in the lower right quardant of the abdomen

Would you be able to walk if your appendix had burst?

No, you would be dead if you appendix ruptured.

Persistent pain from burst appendix since no operation?

A burst appendix causes peritonitis. It's spreads the infection from the appendix to the abdominal cavity. Unless treated quickly it leads to death.

What is a sentence for appendix?

Untreated acute appendicitis can result in a burst appendix. You can find detailed examples in Appendix B.

What is the oldest person to have appendix burst?


Why do your appendix burst?

Usually from swelling from an infection.

How did harry Houdini dead?

Burst appendix

What do you do if your appendix is hurting?

Get to the ER IMMEDIATELY! Your appendix can burst and cause you to become extremely ill!

Can the appendix burst again after the infection is cleared?

The normal treatment for appendicitis is to surgically remove the appendix, and once it has been removed, obviously it can no longer burst.

What happens when your appendix bursts?

You will almost certainly die. However, my sister lived through a burst appendix so I know it can be done.Appendicitis is an infected and inflamed appendix. If left untreated it can burst. This results in peritonitis, an infection of the entire abdomen and the organs it contains. Unless quickly treated it leads to death.

How does burst appendix infect your body?

a burst appendix will release dangerous toxins into your blood system & is potentially very dangerous. The appendix is a small corner of your intestine & the inflamation that leads to burst appendix is usually caused by trapped old digested food so you can imagine the bacteria & toxins in really old food not good!

How do you use a sentence using appendix?

I hope that my appendix does not burst otherwise bacteria will spill into my body.

How does the appendicitis affects the appendix?

The tip of the appendix become inflamed in the initial stage. At time the appendix get necrosis. Appendix may burst, giving rise to peritonitis.

What happened to Matt hardy?

He is recovering from a burst appendix.

If appendix burst what should you do?

Get the person to the hospital immediately!