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My cat gave birth a few years ago and this is what I remembered...

She wouldn't stop meowing and then there was this yellow-ish goo coming out of her vagina so I suppose that was probably the sac which had the kittens in it.

Hope this helps...

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Q: How do you know when your cat is having kittens?
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When to spay a cat after having kittens?

After the kittens have stopped nursing.

Is it possible for a male cat to have kittens?

No. It is not possible for a male cat to have kittens. In order to have kittens a cat must have a uterus and male cats do not have a uterus. If your male cat is having kittens, it is not a male, it is a female.

A cat having a litter of kittens is an example of what?

litter of kittens called

How do you know when the cat will have kittens?

All of this is stupid

How do you stop cat lactating?

A cat will stop lactating when she is no longer nursing her kittens. A cat will know when to stop her kittens from nursing when she is ready.

Has a cat died from having kittens at a young age?


How soon can your cat get pregnant again after having kittens?

Almost IMMEDIATELY. This is why it's important to get your cat spayed as soon as possible after having kittens, because she can't be spayed while pregnant.

How can you tell when your cat is done having all the kittens in this litter?

There are many ways to tell if your cat is done having kids: 1-When your cat stops moaning 2-When kids stop coming out of her stomach that is all i know.

Give an example of incomplete dominance?

A white cat and a black cat having grey kittens.

Give example of incomplete dominance?

A white cat and a black cat having grey kittens.

How do you help a cat that is having kittens?

don't touch her - she knows exactly what to do.

How soon after having kittens should you move cat?

The best idea is to leave the cat there until the cat comes out.

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