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The best way to protect yourself is to read what others have to say about the computer you are looking at. It is also a good idea to buy from a reputable company. Dell comes to mind, also Tiger Direct is a great place to but on line. I used a consulting company called Computer Buying Consultants to help me buy a computer. They did all the work for me and found me a great deal. I dealt with them through email. Their website is -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Apple computers and lap tops are very good to buy because they hardly get viruses Mario 55


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Whether or not dependence on a computer is a good thing depends on your reason for using a computer. A computer is no better than its program. Any thing that a computer can do could also be done with a pencil and a piece of paper. A computer can do most things much faster. Still, if there is a problem with a program, a human should be able to override the computer. At times humans must be able to examine the situation and say, "This is strange." Humans also should know right from wrong with idependence you should know what is right and what is wrong.

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You know what your computer behaves like when it is doing what you want it to do. If the computer suddenly starts doing different things then it is possible that the computer May be being used. Changing your Login and Pasword will give you a reliable answer. You know the password, they have to find what you have changed it to.

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not everything you find on the internet is reliable. so i suggest using a database where you have citations so you know that they are true & reliable.

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No -------------------------- Depends on what you want to use it for. As far as I know, computer downloads are supposedly safe BUT DO NOT download songs to your phone from this site. They charge you!

This is not an legit site, Do not go with it, To find whether an site is safe or not just have a good antivirus software which would let you know which site is safe and which arent safe!

Software Design, computer repair, computer development, computer design, computer manufacturing, and computer programming. If you are good with computers you have many jobs available to you. Most jobs in this generation require some sort of computer intelligence. Vet technicians need to know how to input data into a computer, hospital administrators also need to know how to work with with computers as well.

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Hi, If you want to know whether RAM is in the system or not, Just press "Window" key and "Pause Break" together. It will give you the whole description of your computer including your operating system and you can see whether RAM of the computer has been removed or not under "computer". Just try this and let me know if I could answer your question currectly..

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According to TOP500, the fastest computer is currently (as of September 2017) the Sunway TaihuLight, at a speed of 93 petaflops. I don't know whether this is also the most expensive computer.

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so you know about different computers

Depends on what your looking for, Mac is good for video editing, Linux is good for servers, and Windows is good for business/ gaming. These are all operating programs which can be installed any almost any computer with the right know-how, and computer power.

It depends in what you know, if you do not know alot about computer troubleshooting etc etc you will obviously not do good but if you have a good amount of experience youll be fine

To let people know that their computer is a really good and nice, fast, Non - Virus computer. Mostly to let the people know things to make them want to buy their computer.

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