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It should be on the bottom of the barrel.

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Stevens bolt-action with a cylinder.... What are all the markings on the gun?

stevens bolt action 22 model 840

It probably does not have one. Serial numbers were not required on shotguns manufactured or imported before 1969.

what can you tell me about the [ Stevens -savage 22 bolt action model 15

Typically they are stamped on the receiver of the auto and pump action shotguns either on the bottom or the side. Low and moderate priced bolt action shotguns produced in the 1940's and 50's may not have had serial numbers. Later bolt action guns had the serial number stamped on the receiver, usually the side. Serial numbers were not mandated until 1968. You may not have one.

If your Stevens is a bolt action, it is NOT a visible loader. If it has any part (perhaps the barrel) that is marked as a visible loader, that part has been replaced.

The stevens model 15 was made from 1936 until 1971.

I have a Stevens, Savage Arms Corp Model 258b, 20 gauge bolt action shotgun with a three round mag. I know it was made prior to 1968 as it has no serial numbers anywhere. I was wondering what that would be worth?

If it has both the Stevens and Savage names it was made sometime after the mid 1940's. If it has no serial number, it was made before 1969.

your savage Stevens model 125 was made between 1912-1923 with total production being 5,000.

it was probably made in the 1960's era, many had no serial numbers, mossberg made most of them.

Actually, yes it is. Before 1969 many firearms had no serial numbers. I have two different models of JC Higgins bolt action shotguns made in the 50's and neither have serial numbers. Strange but true!

A Stevens bolt action .22 caliber rifle is an excellent choice for those starting out shooting or hunting small game animals. It offers a reliable design and shoots affordable ammunition.

If you will tell us exactly how the company name is marked, we can probably place it within 10-15 years. *J. Stevens and Co. - 1864-1886 *J. Stevens Arms and Tool Co (or A&T Co) - 1886-1916 *J. Stevens Arms Co - 1920-1942 *Stevens (or Stevens / Savage) - 1942-1991 (but with no serial number, before 1969) The Stevens name was revived in the late 1990s, but so far only on updated versions of the single shot Favorite and Ideal models. Stevens models 066, 086, and 66 are the only listings in the Standard Catalog for tube-fed bolt-action 22s. Are any of these numbers marked on the barrel or receiver? The exact model doesn't matter much as all the bolt-action 22s are listed under the same entry for $25 in poor condition and $150 in excellent condition.

Open the action and fire it while pulling the bolt toward you as if you were aiming the gun.

Your savage/stevens model 86d was made between 1936-1943.

The Stevens Model 58 Salvage Shotgun with no serial number was probably manufactured in the early 1940's in Chicopee Falls MASS. It's value could range from $400.00 to $ 1500.00 depending on condition. If it has the Chicopee Falls Mass manufacturer on the barrel a good starting point is $ 500.00 and up depending on condition.

There is 1 on gunbroker.comStevens Mod 39A / 59 A,B,C .410 shotgun bolt Auction # 147552744

Your Browning model safari bolt action rifle was made by FN of belguim for Browning in 1969,with the serial number that you provided.

It would have to be on the receiver to comply with Federal Laws. But keep in mind that firearms did not require to have serial numbers on them until the "Gun Control Act of 1968". So if your firearm was manufactured prior to that year there was no requirement for it to have a serial number. Most firearms made prior to '68 do not have serial numbers. I know that there were model 58's around at least as early as the mid 1950's so there is a good chance your shotgun does not have a serial number.

$100 to $150 depending on condition.

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