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Q: How do you know year and what block is from the numbers stamped on block?
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How can you determine year of a engine Chevy 350 5.7 liter Are there ID numbers or a plate on the engine block?

there should be a numbered stamped on the rear of the engine

What does it mean if there are numbers stamped on the back of an old coin?

Numbers on a coin usually signify the year it was minted.

Is the year of your 350 engine somewhere on the block?

Sort of. It's in the code that is stamped on an id pad in front of the right head. Once you have all the letters and numbers, go to:

How do you figure out what the year of your Chevy 350 engine is by the id numbers stamped on it?

this page will give year and model type and application for all chev blocks: -MorTec, Inc. Chevy Smallblock V-8 Casting Numbers List- copy and drop this on your browser, then choose - -CHEVY V-8 BLOCK AND HEAD casting numbers-

How do you determine if your car numbers match?

Typically this refers to the vin number being stamped on the engine block. Almost all Chevrolets had it stamped but a lot of fords and Chryslers did not. Another way to verify if it is numbers matching is the build date of the parts. Often parts have date stamps on them and to have them all match up with the year of the car is important to value on older classics. Almost all new cars have VINs stamped all over them in dozens of places. Engine block, Transmission, glass, body panels. If they do not match the VIN on your title it has been replaced.

What year was your Briggs and stratton made?

USUALLY THE FIRST 2 NUMBERS ON THE 3RD SET OF NUMBERS IS THE YEAR IT WAS MADE ON THE MODEL TYPE CODE STAMPED ON YOUR MOTORusually the first 2 number on the 3rd set of number is the year it was made on the model type code stamped onto your engine

350 Chevy 5.7lg what year and model is it?

You have to look up the cast numbers on the block to see what year model,there are also cast numbers on the heads, the numbers on the block are behind where the distributor goes in, numbers on the cylinder heads are in the centers on the top in most cases

What year is your 350 with block numbers vo802ckd casting 3970010?


How can you find the expiration date on Geisha canned crab meat?

The expiration date on Geisha canned crab meat should be stamped on the bottom. The date may be printed year first, and may be written as a single block of numbers in the middle of other letters and numbers. Look for a block of text such as "140912" which would indicate that the contents expire in the year 2014, in September (09), on the 12th day (12). This may also be stamped on the label. On some batches you may find the code printed as month, day, year, instead, so the same expiration date may also be written as "091214."

What year engine and what kind is it with these numbers printed on the engine block L120228 F1029SB?


What is the horse power of a 4.3liter with block numbers 10105867 A268 1SGI GM4.3LG?

The year would have been helpful as the block numbers do not help me. The 1988 had 150 h.p all the way up to the 195 h.p. in 2006. List the year and I can give you a definite answer.

What year is a 350 Chevy engine with casting number 3970010 and v0815tja on front of the block?

you need the date code on the side of the block it will be a series of numbers and letters first its the month, then day, then year

What year is a Gallagher guitar serial no 1964?

Gallgher guitars have been made since 1965. 'They maintain a register of the model number, the serial number, who got the guitar and when it left the shop. All the guitars are documented and the serial numbers are stamped on the neck block, along with the model number. If you email Gallagher see they will tell you what you need to know.

Where is the production year stamped on colt 38 police positive revolver stamped at?

The production year is not stamped on a gun. It is the serial number that is used to tell which batch was made in a particular year. Go to: for listings.

What is the spark plug gap for a small block Chevy?

Need to know what year.

On the bottom of the can has an expiration date of you 6220 1658 How do you know what this date means as far as month and year?

I think its stamped on the top...

You came across a trans am 1980 with a 455 HO engine is that original and if it is would that make it rare car?

First of all....absolutely not an original engine for this year. The last year for the 455 was 1976. Do some research and make sure you are actually getting a 455. The block casting codes are stamped by the distributor and the head casting numbers are on the two center exhaust ports. There are plenty of online sites that will help you decode these numbers.

How can you tell what the year of your Chevy 305 is by looking at the block casting numbers?

Go here:

How can you find what year your 350 is on the block?

gather all the numbers on the block on a piece of paper and start rummaging through the internet. I've found all sort of Intel about a block if you look hard enough. or you local redneck car parts store will usually have a book. mostly they know by heart cause they got nuthin better to do

What is the initial timing set at on a big block Chevy?

Need to KNOW the YEAR of the engine. And what it is in.

How do you find out the year and model of an old Allis Chalmers tractor?

serial number and model should be stamped in the the engine block on carburetor side middle or on housing where engine bolts to the transmission.

What is the value of a Beretta BL-1 12 ga shotgun with 28 inch barrels in mint condition and year made if it has XXIV Roman numerals stamped on block?

About $550

Casting number on a Dodge engine block?

I have a dodge 318 ci w/ block casting number-4387550-31824 i need to know what year this is

What is the intake manifold torque on a small block Chevy?

Need to know the year and engine size.

What year a 22 caliber rifle stamped 41-10319771-22?

Need to know the make and model of the rifle in order to answer this.