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If I were you, I'd get a second opinion just to be sure. That is a lot of money. But if you had a root canal, it won't cause you pain until it's very infected down into the bone. On average it should cost you about 100 dollars to have the tooth pulled and about 1500 for the bridge. Most likely if you were told by one it needs to come out, it does, but if you aren't convinced, get a second opinion. There is nothing wrong with that. If it saves you a tooth for a few more years and over a 1000 dollars, it will be worth it.

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Q: How do you know you need to have a tooth pulled and replaced with a bridge if it causes you no pain?
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Can a tooth that was knocked out then replaced after a root canal be pulled out because it is now loose?

Yes, with a dental implant. You also have the choice of a bridge (if you knocked out tooth is not a terminal tooth) or a partial.

What happens when there is no adult tooth following the baby tooth?

The baby tooth can stay in your mouth forever, or, if the baby tooth falls, it must be replaced by an implant or a bridge.

How dothey close the gaps where teeth are pulled?

With a tooth bridge, that's done by capping the gap with another tooth and a cover for the teeth it's between. We paint it and make it look like a normal tooth.

You had a tooth pulled on the bottom and now the upper tooth is growing down What do you do?

To stop the top tooth from hyper-erupting, you need to replace the lost lower tooth. This can be accomplished with either a bridge, partial, or implant. Discuss your options with your dentist.

Is it safe to have a tooth pulled?

Yes, thousands of people have a tooth pulled every day.

What is having a tooth pulled simile?

Getting a tooth pulled is like getting a shot.

How do you replace an adult tooth that has been knocked out?

If you act quickly, and if the tooth is intact, you can put back the knowcked out tooth (avulsion). If you can't put it back, the tooth can be replaced by a dental implant preferably, or even by a bridge or a partial.

Do your gums hurt after gettin a tooth pulled?

I did not experience any pain after getting a tooth pulled.

Simile for getting a tooth pulled?

getting your tooth pulled is like being injected with a needle.

Can you drink milk after having a tooth pulled?

yes you can drink milk after having a tooth pulled

How do you get your tooth pulled out?


What is a baby tooth?

A baby tooth is a tooth which will be replaced when it has been lost by the child to whom it belongs, and replaced with a permanent, adult tooth.

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