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He does not want to be around you that much and he goes out a lot to "get away."

he doesn't awnser your calls all the time usually have to call more than twice.

When he makes plans with you and then ditches them to get (away) with his friends

When i love you becomes ( me too). You will see the changes graudually they just keep getting worse till iether he wakes up or doesn't want to try for you anymore.

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How do you know your boyfriend is getting tired of your relationship?

If your boyfriend starts spending more time with his friends, or seems less interested in doing things as a couple in general, he might be getting tired of the relationship. The only way to know for sure is to talk with him about how he's feeling.

How do you know when your boyfriend is getting tired of you?

A few clues are:If he's less enthusiastic about seeing you or doing things he normally loves to do with youIf he's excited and happy when you're not around but seems to lose that attitude when you are aroundIf he's anxious for you to not to be together so muchhe is possibly tired of you and the relationship.

Why does your ex boyfriend not worry about getting back together with you if he still loves and misses you?

Your ex boyfriend may not worry about getting back together with you if he still loves and misses you for many reasons. Maybe he is shy or does not think the feelings are mutual. He may have been pushed passed his limits or just does not know how to approach the situation.

How do you know when your boyfriend is getting to serious?

You know your your boyfriend should back off when he starts to get over-possessive or starts touching you wrong.

How do you know if a new boyfriend is mentally not right?

if he flips out at everything you do or he tries to make you do what they want not what you want. or if they jump in hoping to get married in a few months after getting together.

What can you ask your boyfriend to get to know him better?

Why take all the fun out of getting to know someone. Besides for the important things to know, if they are a good person, come from a good home and have a heart, get to know him the old fashioned way, do things together and live life, have lots of fun together, his personality will come out.

What does it mean when your boyfriend talks about getting married and living together?

Answer One has to assume that you already know the answer you only want to confirm it. When he talks about such things it means that he wants to settle down with you and either get married or live together.

How far can the iditarod teams run without getting too tired?

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You really like your boyfriend but you don't know what to get him for Christmas what should you get him?

you can ask him what he likes and get him somthing related to that my boyfriend is getting me a hoodie

How do you know when to break it off with your boyfriend?

When you feal tired. or when hes being an A HOLE. you will know. but try just to re spark your relation ship ;) i love brandi :D

What would be your reaction if your boyfriend asked you to first live together before getting married?

NO!!!! say sorry he might just want to know what i mean.... he might just play around with you...

You like a girl but you have a boyfriend and the relationship is going nowhere?

Does the girl know you like her? How long have you an and your boyfriend been together? And are you asking what should you do?

How much does a Government Salary Grade 13 step 10 make?

I don't know but I'm getting tired of getting this stupid website and NO aNSWERS.

When is the boyfriend responsible for a child that is not his if they live together?

when him and the child bond and get to know each other

Why did Taylor Swift write the song tie it together with a smile?

That's cause she is singing it for her boyfriend she is pretending that she is in bed with her boyfriend now you know why!

How do you know if you're obsessed with your boyfriend?

When you start getting paranoid and feel the need to know what he's doing 24/7.

How does Santiago know the fish is getting tired in The Old Man and the Sea?

Santiago knows that the fish are getting tired because he is an experienced old fisherman and has been fishing in the same waters all his life. Hemmingway spells this out very early in the book.

When you have a boyfriend what do you do?

Enjoy the time you have together. Get to know them. What does he like to do? What are his future goals? Of course, you will have to tell him what you like.

How do horses drown?

As you probably know, horses swim by using their legs to move them forwards and to keep them afloat. The horse can drown by simply getting to tired or getting a cramp

If you are tired of London?

You are tired of Life. Let me know, Kidnap?

Your boyfriend cheated on you with his ex and does not know that you know what do you do?

You do what I did......I called his ex and her and I went to his house, confronted him and dumped him together!! Her and I are now great friends!

Will you get a boyfriend this year?

If you will get a boyfriend this year is something that you cannot predict. You never know when you will meet someone special who will become your boyfriend.

I dont know how to show him that you want him to be your boyfriend?

I did not no either until I met my my boyfriend. Just take things slowly, or you can just tell him how you feel. Let him know that really enjoy his company when you guys are together.

What can I do when my boyfriend walked in on me while I was with another guy and I don't know what to do now?

If you were making out with the guy or had thoughts of doing so then it is cheating and there is no excuse for cheating. If this is the case then you deserved what you got. Even going on steady basis with a boyfriend you should be honest and loyal and if you are tired of your present boyfriend then you should let him know. If you were just talking to another guy and it was completely innocent your boyfriend should have let you explain the circumstances.

If a boyfriend was mean to his girlfriend and she told him to get counseling but she didn't know if they would get back together?

Will she come back?