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When he no longer pays attention or notices things that change. When you get the impression that he is not fully attentive to you. Or his behaviour has changed.

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Is your boyfriend still attracted to you?

i dont know i am a boy your boyfriend is probably attracted to you

Why is that you are not aroused by your boyfriend?

Dont know, your not sexually attracted to him?

Is your boyfriend still sexually attracted to you?

WikiAnswers does not know him nor you, and cannot answer this question for you.

How do you know if your boyfriend is attracted to other men?

Study the way he acts toward other men.

How can you tell if your boyfriend is attracted to your friend?

If he is having sex with her he is probably attracted to her.

You do not know if you are a lesbian but you do not want to kiss a girl because you have a boyfriend?

You cannot be a lesbian if you seriously have a boyfriend - who you are sexually attracted to, you might be bisexual -if you are sexually attracted to girls too and not just curious. Of course you don't wanna kiss anyone besides your boyfriend, if you had a girlfriend it would be the same thing, you kiss the one you love. But since you don't know, then i think you are not.

How do i get a boyfriend-?

It's not really about getting a boyfriend, its about when you find the right person who you are attracted to and they are attracted to you and you develop strong feelings for each other. That should be the reason you get a boyfriend. Just be yourself and they will love you for you

How do you keep your boyfriend only attracted only to you?

she is hot

What is the role of a boyfriend?

A boyfriend should be a loving, warm version of a best friend that you are physically attracted to.

How do you know if your boyfriend is attracted to you?

if he calls you names like 'beautiful' 'cutie' names like that, and if he doesn't go staring at over girls aswell.

Why is my boyfriend no longer sexually attracted to me?

Its not the prize or the place its the sport of the chase.

How do you know you look good?

If the person you're attracted to, is attracted to you.

My boyfriend is or was attracted to girls that are totally different from me in every way....what does this mean?

Well if he is attracted t6o girl that are totally different from you, then he just thought you are just easy to score. But if you don't know, then maybe he is just trying something different.

What if your boyfriend tells you he sexulity attracted to your best friend?

nothing. dont worry i guess you are also attracted to other people than your boyfriend. that is normal. but if he tries to make a move on her, better forget about him. he's not worth it.

How do you make your boyfriend attracted to you more?

do unexpected things for him...especially in bed...but making dinner and getting a movie is nice you can make your boyfriend more attracted by not being so sassy and dirghthul and tell him that you care even if you dont and also go out to the movies ant not nesscarily the movies just on a cute date and let him know your intrested

What do you do if your really attracted to a girl and shes got a boyfriend and you dont know if she likes you back?

Well, she has a boyfriend, so don't get your hopes too high... If they break up, drop a few hints, and then make your move. Hope I helped =)!!!

What does it mean when your boyfriend tells you he's not attracted to you?

it means he doesn't want to be with you anymore.

How come you cant get turned on by your boyfriend?

Your not attracted to him and maybe he isn't the right guy for you.

How do i make my boyfriend attracted to me?

Study and learn what he likes about you. And be consistent in those things.

What happens when a girl is really atracted to her boyfriend?

A girl should be attracted to her boyfriend. Nothing 'happens' except that they love each other.

When you talk to your boyfriend there is some vaginal discharge occur you want to know what is this?

well that means you mite be attracted to him in more that a crushy way, but dont do anything bad thinking you love him.

Is your boyfriend gay if he does not touch you?

NO. He's only gay if he is sexually attracted to other guys.

Your boyfriend sexually attracted to your friend?

In that case, drop him. If he is attracted to her, he will flirt with her, and she might flirt back (all girls do), then it could turn into emotional cheating, and after that is continues.

What if your boyfriend does not know how to be a boyfriend?

Sweetie, if your boyfriend doesn't know how to be a boyfriend, then just let him figure it out or tell him what he needs to do! Step up and be a women!

Is it ok to ask my boyfriend to lose weight because my sexual attraction to him is being affected?

It's better that you don't. You won't know how this will affect your relationship. It is pretty wierd how you are sexually attracted to him.