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Q: How do you know your fish is a goldfish?
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Does a goldfish know your voice when you talk around them?

for only he goldfish or fish know that

What kind of fish is bea goldfishberg from fish hooks?

Bea is a goldfish. We know.

What fish can eat goldfish?

Any fish bigger than a goldfish can eat a goldfish.

Is a goldfish a bony fish or a jaw-less fish?

A goldfish is a bony fish.

How do you know if a fantail goldfish is a boy or a girl?

a male fish is darker than a female fish

What do you do if your goldfish overcrowded?

The rule of thumb for goldfish is 10 gallons per double tail fish (fancy goldfish) and 20 gallons per single tail goldfish. If your goldfish are overcrowded you can either, buy a second tank, return some of the fish to the petstore, or ask if anyone you know would like to have one of the fish.

Do the rainbow shark eat fish?

i dont know about all fish but it started t nibble on my goldfish

Is goldfish a crutacean?

No, a goldfish is classified as a fish.

Will bleach kill a goldfish?

If you honestly dont know the answer then you should not be keeping fish.

Can zebra fish live with goldfish?

No, it is not a good idea to have zebra fish living with goldfish. The zebra fish is a predatory fish and will end up attacking and eating the goldfish.

Why are goldfish called goldfish?

They are called goldfish because they are gold and there fish.

What does it mean when a goldfish is silver?

Nothing. A goldfish is a goldfish, not a gold fish.

How can you tell if a goldfish is a female?

Male fish have claspers on their lower belly, so if the fish doesnt have these claspers, then it's a female. I dont know if it's the same with goldfish, but since they're fish, it probably is.

What kind of fish can live in a fish bowl?

A beta fish lives happily in a bowl. Never, ever put a goldfish in a goldfish bowl (ironic, I know) because it's too small for them to live in.

What do goldfish eat besides fish food?

Larger goldfish will eat "feeder" fish. These are small fish.

What type of animal is a goldfish?

A goldfish is a fish, a member of the carp family. Carp fish are freshwater fish.

Can Siamese fighting fish survive with goldfish in an aquarium?

NO. Goldfish are coldwater fish and the fighting fish are tropical.

If you do not have fish food what else can you feed goldfish?

Allot of fish do actually eat bacon, i don't know if it needs to be cooker but i know they will eat it.

Can goldfish and black molly live in the same fish tank?

as far as i know yes,unless your fish is aggresive

What is the differences from a goldfish and a feeder fish?

a goldfish is a feeder fish. I kind of disagree with the answer above. Yes, goldfish CAN be feeder fish, but they aren't necessarily feeder fish. Feeder fish are really fish that are rather small and are fed to other animals, and that are for some reason thought as not being as precious as other "pet" fish. So a feeder fish and a pet fish are two different kinds of fish, really. Not all goldfish are feeder fish. There are expensive goldfish, more than 10 dollars per fish! Then there are those goldfish breeded to be eaten that are sold as 75 cents per fish. So there are "pet" goldfish and "feeder" goldfish. So, a goldfish is not necessarily a feeder fish.

What breeds of fish do goldfish work well with?

Other goldfish and clown fish in particular.

What kind of animal is a goldfish?

A goldfish is a type of fish.

Is a goldfish an endothermic or ectothermic fish?

A goldfish is ectothermic.

What is a good pet fish?

Common goldfish or goldfish.

Does the ocean have goldfish?

No. True "goldfish" are freshwater fish.