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On a 28 day cycle, day 14 will be your ovulation period. Ovulation window is 3 days. You can purchase a ovulation predictor kit from your Pharmacist & see when your Ovulating. Write the dates down in a record & on a regular cycle you should notic ovulation occurs around the same day every month. Symptoms of ovulation are: * Increase in vaginal discharge. * Egg-white vaginal discharge. * Mild abdominal cramping or twinges (occurs only in some individuals).

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How you know when you ovulate?

Ovulation is Half way between periods.

How many days before periods does you know that U are pragnent?

Seven Days after Ovulation period Seven Days after Ovulation period

How possible is it to know your ovulation period when your menstrual cycle is irregular?

You should visit your gynocologist since irregular periods/ovulation can be very difficult to track.

Does ovulation occur after the monthly periods?


How do i know if am in my ovulation days?

Your voice pitch may change while u r in periods...i hav read this in a book

Can your ovulation days be longer then 14 days?

Yes.If your periods are irregular ovulation can acour later then normal.

Pain midway between menstrual periods is referred to as what?


Irregular periods 29 to 36 days when do you ovulate?

20 to 24 is your ovulation days 20 to 24 is your ovulation days

After 11 days of her periods could she become pregnant?

Yes, ovulation occurs half way between periods.

Already conceived regular periods ovulation problem?

Amin muskan

When earliest can one detect pregnancy after your periods?

10 days after ovulation.

Do girl dogs get periods?

No. Dogs go into heat which is a time of ovulation, not a shedding of the uterine lining like human periods.

Why would you bleed and severe cramp in between periods?

It depends how heavy the bleeding is, but I would say it is probably caused by ovulation (releasing an egg) Many women get cramps and spotting during ovulation and it occurs between periods

How can you get pregnant if you hypothyroidism and irregular periods?

Hypothyroidism is controlled by taking synthetic thyroid hormone and using an ovulation predictor kit can overcome irregular periods.

Can a girl get pregnant BEFORE starting her menstrual periods?

Yes, it is possible. Ovulation comes before the period, so you could be having your first ovulation.Yes, but not likely.

How will you know your ovulation period?

== == the best way to know it's to get a test for ovulation and do it every day after your period in the same time

Why do females have periods?

It is a time when the uterus expels the lining and egg from the last ovulation in preparation for the next.

What is the reason for back and abdominal pain 9 days before periods but no spotting?

Ovulation or PMS.

How do you know when you ovulate if you don't have periods?

If you are not having menstrual periods on a (average) monthly basis, this is a sign of a problem with the reproductive system, and should be checked immediately by a medical professional. Unless you are on a specific birth control that is designed to stop menstruation, are pregnant, or have gone through menopause, you should have a period. Additional answer: Internal temperature goes up. Get an ovulation kit from the phamacy. Why don't you have periods? You could ask your doctor for the birth control pill. It often makes women stabilize their periods and takes care of having to know if you're ovulating. Of course if you want to get pregnant you need an ovulation kit (chemical or temperature). I'm a doctor

Why is there spotting 10 days before my period is due?

This is normal. There is a fall in estrogen level around ovulation, this causes this spotting. ( Usually periods start 14 days after ovulation if not fertilized.)

How do you know if you're pregnant if you don't have regular periods?

You can know by having:- morning sickness no ovulation signs occur or check with a precnancy test(but be carful what precnancy test you buy because not all of themm are good..... the best are with a 99% accuracy)

You get a period and not ovulate?

yes it is possible. Your periods are a cleansing. Ovulation is different. Please talk to your gyn. I never ovulated.

Is your body back to normal if you have regular periods after being on the injection?

Yes, if you have not received an injection in 6 months or more and you did not have regular periods while taking the injection. The depo-provera shot suppresses ovulation. Once you begin having regular periods again, then your body should have returned to normal. However, many women still have periods, even when on this type of birth control, so after being off of the injection for several months and once you begin regular periods again, you need to check for ovulation using an ovulation predictor kit, just to make sure. However, realize that it may take as long as 18 months after the last depo-provera shot for periods to return to normal.

What does it mean if you had spotting on an ovulation day?

It be ovulation spotting which i know nothing about telling you the truth or It could be Implantation bleeding

If you don't have a period does that mean you're not ovulating?

Hello. Not necessarily no. The only way to tell if you are ovulating if your not having periods, is by seeing your doctor for a ovulation blood test or by buying a ovulation predictor kit from your pharmacist.