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How do you learn to drive a motorcycle?


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September 13, 2011 5:10AM

Start off by sitting on the motorcycle, and getting aquanited with all the controls. Basics are:

Left Hand Lever is the clutch (In and out) Right Hand Lever is the Front Brake (In and out) Right Handle Grip is the throttle (Twists) Left foot control is the shifter (Up and down) Right foot control is the rear brake. (Down)

In order to operate the cycle, start by Starting the engine with the transmission in Neutral! Always Hold the clutch in while starting and let out slowly to ensure its not in gear. Get used to the throttle response by revving it while sitting aboard the bike.

Transmissions in bike work on a standard shift pattern which looks like this:

6 - Sometimes 5 4 3 2 N 1

Practice shifting into neutral before you attempt to stop a bike. With the engine off, try engaging 2nd gear, and practicing getting into neutral. This can be accomplished by pulling in the clutch trying to get to neutral, let out the clutch and try to move the bike. If it rolls freely, you have found neutral.

When starting on a bike, You must hold the clutch in to the handle, and push down on the shifter engaging first gear. Slowly let the clutch out to the friction point and give a small amount of throttle. (I like to blip the throttle as the clutch is being engaged) When the bike gets moving, and you are at a safe RPM to permit an upshift, Cut the throttle, and pull in the clutch, then push the shifter up, engaging second gear. Slowly let out the clutch, and roll on throttle once again. Continue shifting up until you are at desired speed.

When it comes time to stop, using no throttle, pull in clutch, push down on the shifter and go to the lower gear when safe, let off on clutch to let the engine brake while braking with front lever, and rear pedal. Gear down all the way to 2nd. When you get to second, pull in clutch and shift all the way down to first and slighty pull back up on the shifter to engage neutral. This is usually considered shifting all the way down and half up. Let clutch out slowly to ensure its in neutral, then shut the bike off.


I don't think you can go wrong with an Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) approved riding course. They're generally not very expensive, and a lot of dealerships (if you go that route) will take some or all of the price of the class off of the cost of the bike.

Practical experience with the help of a trainer does wonders that just can't be matched by reading something in a book or on the net (no offense intended to the previous answerer).

How to change gear in a bike(my technique or tips 4 manual transmission in a 4 stroke bike-Assuming u know the basics)

Manual transmission dependz on 2 factors....

1.Particular gear characteristic or engine sound...

2.Whether u need energy to pull yourself(prevent engine stalling)....

Lower gears have more energy and higher gears have more speed..

U r startin' from neutral-Gear 0

-kick or push start, change to first gear....

-after u pickup a little speed or the engine roars(factor 1)...change to second gear..

-if u have to go at higher speeds..i.e threz no traffic or blocks then switch to

3rd and fourth gear..else move in 2nd gear..coz u need energy..

--High speed , no energy required to pull urself=4th gear

--moderate speed ,a bit of energy is required(eg.Straight road)=3rd gear

--slow speed, high energy is required(eg.gooing UP) =2nd gear

--near stop or very very slow- first gear

however U cant rember the gears while drivin..

So makin a habit will help u to drive a manual ransmission vehicle like an auto transmission vehicle...

U cant afford to get confused---Which gear im in???Right??

Identification of gears

1st and 2nd gear can easily be identified by factor 1....

threz a bit confusion between 3rd and 4th...

while movin' to higher gears(1st and 2nd)...the engine roars as I've previously u r in 2nd gear ..when the engine roars then change to 3rd gear..when engine roars in 3rd gear change to 4th gear...

so Fast=Fourth gear

So if u have to go slow or require energy to move..(eg..gooing Up)

change to 2nd gear by continusly shifting two gears..and u belive u still

need energy then shift to first gear..(near stop or slow movin trafic)..

3rd gear is a moderate one ...(eg straight roads)

Mind u-it doeznt alwayz mean u have to be in 1st or 2nd gear to go UP

if u r in 3r or 4th gear movin at high speed and then u encounter an UP,

no need to change to 2nd or 1st gear..coz u movin at high speed u already have energy..but if u slow down then u have to change to 1st or 2nd gear