How do you learn to sing?

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Everyone can sing, though of course you must practice to get

better. If you really want to learn to sing, I suggest taking a

lesson from a private voice coach or joining a local choir, and

definitely practicing a lot. However, if you want tips, here are

some of the basic singing tips.

  1. Keep lots of space in the back of your mouth.
  2. When singing "E," do not spread your mouth. Instead, pucker

    your lips a little. Don't worry about how it looks; it will sound

    much better and more mature.

  3. Keep a bright face and attitude. Facial expressions directly

    affect vocal sound.

  4. Drink lots of water. This is one of the most important things

    you can possibly do.

  5. Move. Don't go crazy, but movement helps sound and makes it

    easier to watch.

  6. Keep your tongue relaxed at the bottom and front of your mouth.

    Do not pull it back.

  7. Before practicing songs, be sure to warm up. You can sing

    scales, do sirens, or make up simple patterns and melodies that

    explore the vocal range.

  8. Breathe. Use the diaphragm, and not the shoulders and chest,

    for good, deep breathing. Practice taking silent deep breaths.

  9. Push yourself to try new kinds of music and in places in your

    voice you wouldn't usually use. However, do not strain yourself.

    Just like stretching, you don't want to go too far.

  10. When singing "A," do not spread your mouth.
  11. Pay attention to your vowels, shaping each one carefully.
  12. Use crisp consonants. This way, your words will be


  13. Practice good posture. Back strait, head up, feet shoulder

    width apart, shoulders back, chest open. When sitting keep the same

    upper body posture, and sit on the front half of the chair.

  14. Be open to constructive criticism.
  15. Practice tuning to an instrument, and try to hit EXACTLY that

    pitch. There are an infinite amount of pitches between each

    half-step, and though you may not be able to hear as accurately

    yet, others can, and you can train your ears more accurately.

Once again, I strongly encourage you to find a coach and/or join

a group. Nothing compares to a face-to-face instruction.

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