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How do you leash train a cat?

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I trained my cat Molly from the time she was 9 weeks old. I would put a hardness on her (DO NOT USE A COLLAR WITH LEASH AS CATS CAN GET OUT OF THIS) also make sure that the harness is not loose around the chest because the cat will try to get the harness off at first and they can hook their bottom teeth in the leash. Get a pet store to fit your cat with a proper harness. Take your cat out into the backyard (NEVER take your cat out where it's in too open a space or too much noise.) Wander around with the cat for approximately 5 minutes and do this for 3 - 4 days and each time you take them out go out for 10 - 15 minutes. I've seen many people travel (camping) with their cat on a leash and that's what my cat wears when we go camping and fishing.

2007-06-27 20:35:25
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How can you train your cat to walk on a leash?

1. Train your cat to wear a harness. 2. Attach a leash, and let the cat become used to trailing the leash indoors. 3. Once your cat is used to this, try walking it in your yard. 4. In time, take your cat for a walk in the park. REMEMBER: Do NOT force your cat to walk.

Is it healthy to walk your cats on a leash outside?

some cats dont mind the leash, some do, you can leash train a cat, it takes time and patience, my cat is leash trained, i did it out of love for him, it keeps him safe, and he does not mind walking with it

How do you teach your cat to walk on a leash?

The same way you would teach a dog. Put them on one as soon as possible and make sure to be consistent and patient. I would personally google how to leash train a dog and follow their advice but put your cat on the leash instead of a dog:]

Is it possible to train a cat?

yes it is indeed possible to train a cat i have tested that theory myself i am currently training my kitten and she is doing really good i have toilet trained her and i have leash trained her but those are the major ones

How do you get your get your cat to walk on a leash?

With a LOT of patience. You may want to get the cat used to the leash just being near her first, not seeing it as a threat. Then if you have a room that is safe to do so, let the cat wear the leash inside for a short time each day. That is only if there is nothing that the cat will pull down on itself or that can otherwise harm the cat if you do so. Stay with the cat and talk to it reassuringly when leash training. Eventually try picking up the other end of the leash and progress to walking with the cat. Don't be in a hurry or the cat will sense your tenseness and will become tense itself.

Does Nevada have a cat leash law?

not at all.

How do you walk a dog without a leash?

Train it to follow you

How do you leash train a lab puppy?

Good Luck!

What equipment do you need to train a border collie?

a leash

How do you train your rabbit to walk on a leash?

get them used to the leash at an early age, and just follow them because they're the leader not you

How do you train a puppy to walk on the leash?

at birth you ween it on the leash slowly by wrapping the collar around the puppy's neck and just hold it . soon your puppy will be trained on a leash

How do you put on cat leash?

A cat on a leash? I don't think so! You cant put a cat on a leash that's for dogs! Your supposed to let the cat out let it explore the area. Then when the cat is ready it will come back to your home. Cats always find their ways back home. They are very smart. Don't worry about it running away. Only worry about it running away when its older.

What age do dogs voluntarily walk with you on a leash?

This is not age related. It is training related. They will walk with you on a leash when you train them to do so. No dog is born with immediate knowledge of what a leash is, it is your job to introduce the leash to your dog and tell them all about it.

How do you train your dog to not run off?

Some dogs just can't be trusted off leash. So keep it on a leash.

How is a boll weevil controlled?

put it on a leash or train it at petsmart

In malta can i have a toyger cat a sokoke cat a savannah a cheetoh cat a boxer dog and siberian husky are all of them active can they be leash trained and what is their coat short medium or long?

If you have a Toyger cat, a Sokoke cat, a Savannah, a cheetoh cat, a boxer dog, and a Siberian husky and all of them are active, they can be leash trained. The cats often take more work to train than the dogs. The cats all have medium coats except for the cheetoh which is short. The Boxer has a short coat and the husky has a long and thick coat.

How do you stop your cat from eating rabbits?

you can get a leash with a bell on it to scare the rabbit away before the cat can get to it

How do you train a dog to stop rolling in dead things?

If you have it on a leash, yank the leash to make it stop. If it's not on a leash, yell "NO!!" at it, and it should stop and look at you. Train it to stop by bribing it with treats, and eventually it will learn to not roll in dead things. I had the same problem, so I know :)

How much is a collar and a leash for a ferret?

it would be about $5.00 for the leash and harness together and $1.00 for the collar or u can use a cat collar

How do you leash train a guinea pig?

you can buy a leash for a guinea pigs but some guinea pigs earn things for wearing leash but a lot of guinea pig don't do anything so you could try to train them but you have to do it like for 2 months to have there mind on the thing you want they to be controlled too

How do you train your pet rabbit to walk on a leash?

I suggest first that you hold the leash and associate it with a treat, what makes him/her happy, then begin to put the leash on and continue to give treats, eventually it will know the leash is a good object and will hopefully behave. good luck!

Can you train a hamster?

Yes, you can train a hamster. You can train it to walk on a leash, and even potty train them to go to the bathroom in a spot you want them to. However, they may just do that on there own.

Can a cat that lived inside for a year live outside?

Outside cats live an average of 3 years. Inside cats can live up to 20 years. Keep him inside or train him to be on a leash.

How do you train a dog to walk without a leash?

Practice walking the dog off the leash on a foot path near a quiet road. After a while the dog should get used to it and be able to walk without a leash on.

Who is liable when a cat attacks a dog?

The owner of the cat & possibly you if you &/or your dog were trespassing on the owner's property or if your dog was not on a leash.