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it is going to take a lot of faith and will power. I too was married to a mentally abusive husband, but at the time i left i was just recovering from having a fourth child and had no means of support. As much as i did not want to ask for public assistance(welfare) i took what i could get until i could better my situation. I did not allow myself to feel bad about leaving and i went to chucrh to help ease the pain. my husband would always tell me how no one was going to want a woman with four children and that i would be all alone and other things that he thought would lower my self esteem, yet i am now doing much better WITHOUT HIM and he's the one that is miserable. Believe in who you are. god has called us all for a special purpose in life and you should not allow someone else to let you miss out on being you! I hope that you believe in yourself because your children do! ctr Contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 for assistance or visit the website and click on "Get Help". Please keep in mind that telephone and internet use can be monitored. Hi. Call a womens shelter. They are very good at these places. You will feel your power come back. They will tell you about housing and other available resources. Good luck.

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Q: How do you leave a mentally abusive husband with 5 kids to support and no job?
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When should a woman leave her obsessive controlling verbally and mentally abusive husband?

Immediately. Reach out to a close friend or relative for help, and leave as soon as you can.

How do you deal with an abusive husband?

If you can leave him - do it now.

Do you leave a controlling emotionally abusive husband?


How do you succeed over the mentally abusive husband?

Tell your friends you need them to come with you to collect your stuff from your place and just leave. Then call the police and put a restraining order against him.

What do you do if your spouse is a control and abusive husband?

You get a divorce and leave the house, before it is to late !

What do you do if your girlfriend is abusive?

Physically abusive? Call the cops. It is no more acceptable for a woman to beat a man then it is the other way around. Or leave her. Dont put up with that. Verbally/Mentally abusive? Let her know how she makes you feel...ask her why she treats you like that. If she doesnt stop....again....leave her.

How do you have your mentally and verbally abusive husband removed from your home?

Call the police or divorce him If there is a threat of physical violence, you may also be able to obtain a protective or restraining order, requiring him to leave your home and stay away from you.

What to do when you want to leave your husband who is a cheater and abusive to you but he has no where to go and you feel bad for him but he is bringing you down and you want him to leave?

You reach out for help, and you go.

How can one leave their mentally abusive spouse and not have to worry about losing their 2 kids to the spouse?

If you can prove that he's been mentally abusive (statements and letters from friends or family would help) then it would be up to a judge to decide whether the children should be subjected to a mentally abusive father. By the way, there are some who believe that allowing children to witness the physical or mental abuse between parents is actually a form of child abuse.

What can you do if your brother is giving your husband trouble about the way you believe?

Discuss it with your husband to decide if brother should be asked to leave; or if you are somewhere other than your home, if you and your husband should leave. No one has the right to interfere with your relationship with your husband (other than an abusive situation).

Defending yourself against an abusive husband?

---- Call the police, if the abuse continues, then leave him and never go back. ----

Why do verbally and mentally abusive men blame the fighting and problems on you and is it best to leave?

The person doing the abusing is always responsible for that abuse. Abusive people always place the responsibility on someone else, and they always will if they can get away with it. If a situation becomes physical, it's always time to leave.

What to do when you want your husband to leave and you are tired of his drug usage and abusive ways?

call the cops, he'll be gone a long time

What to do when your husband is abusive towards you and you want him to leave your house?

File for separation, and change the locks; if he makes trouble, call the police.

If you are within six months of turning 18 and can support yourself and have somewhere to go and your parents are mentally abusive can you move out?

Well, if you can't wait the 6 months and you leave and your parents freak, your best bet would be to go to court and get emancipated. If your parents aren't going to care, just leave. You don't need that.

How do you leave an abusive boyfriend?

You have to want to get out of the abusive situation.

How would I handle an employee who fails to do her job because husband is abusive and she is battling depression?

Get her to a therapist asap. And perhaps have the therapist speak to you? A leave of absence so she can deal with this?You can't really fire her - but you can give her support to get out of the marriage asap.

If your husband is being abusive and you tell him that you're going to kill him if he doesn't let go are you being abusive?

People tend to say things in anger. Since your husband is abusive you should consider going to a Woman's Abuse House to find help and learn tools to cope. No one has the right to abuse the other. Your relationship is toxic and you are in control of your life and not your husband. To tell him you are going to kill him is a serious accusation and when you get to this point it's time for you to leave this abusive relationship.

Why doesn't he leave?

No kidding, my mom has an abusive husband. She offered him to leave but he just won't, apparently, she'll have to live with him for much longer. Doesn't he think 16 years of abuse is enough? If he won't leave, pack your own bags and leave with dignity.

Why can't people leave abusive relationship's?

People can't leave them because the person who is abusive to you will not let you go anywhere.

Can an ex-husband be forced to leave school and work to provide child support?


How do you move beyond being upset that your abusive boyfriend will cheat if you leave him?

If you leave him, then it doesn't matter what he does. It wouldn't be called cheating if you left him. If he is abusive, then you should leave him.

How do you leave an abusive husband who threatened to have your child taken away by abusive first husband if you leave him the 2nd one?

WARNING! THERE ARE MISS SPELLINGS IN HERE!!! You just sneek in the night and go to the police station and report what he has done to you, and show them the bruises. You have your child give a testomony to the police about what the father has done, and you give a testomony too. You then fight for his perintal rights to be taken away too. And when you go to remarry then look for these signs of an abusive man: > He likes to control you. > He doesn't trust you. >

Do soldiers get leave for spouse maternity?

Sadly no they do not get to leave. Ifully support your husband or whoever you know that is in the army and i hope they get back soon and safly.

What are the financial responsibilities of the abuser if the abused wants to remain in the home?

What a strange question! If the abused is afraid to leave the home for financial reasons, he or she should leave anyway. An abusive husband or father will still be required to support his wife or children, even if they do not live in his home. Basically, finances are not an issue in this case. If someone is being abused, that is the issue to get help for.