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How do you leave your husband?

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Leave him!If he goes ta work,pack your stuff and go, your a free woman,u shouldn't be stuck with him,change ur cell # and only tell one person were ur going.It has to be a person u realy,realy trust though,o.k so u so this and quick!don't wait!

AnswerYou didn't say whether you had just fallen out of love with him or if you were abused. Either way don't stay in an unhappy marriage whether it's abuse or you just don't love him anymore. Even if you have children you aren't doing them any favors by staying with their father. You can see a lawyer and immediately file for divorce and your lawyer will advise you as to what reason you should be filing for divorce. If you are physically/mentally abused and you fear your husband you can either phone your local Mental House and they will direct you through the right channels or go to your nearest "Women's Selter" and they will take over for you.

The other poster was correct in saying that you should be careful who you talk too and pick one trusted friend to help you make the move and to leave when he is at work.

If you want to leave because you simply don't love him then please sit him down and tell him you want a divorce. If you leave the house in some States and certainly in Canada, you can be charged with desertion as far as what you will get monitarily/property-wise (such as the house, car, etc.) This could also mess up your chances of joint custody of any children you may have.

Plan what you are going to do! If you can't afford a lawyer there then phone the Bar Association and they can direct you to free counsel.

Good luck & God Bless

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No, I do not have a husband!

Should you leave your husband for the man you've fallen in love with?

no! what is your husband doing to make you want to leave!

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Talk to her about your views that you want this. She might agree upon that and leave her husband. It depends on her and it is her take on this.

Wife signed quite claim to house to husband but can husband leave house to wife?

Yes. The husband would be the sole owner of the property and could leave it to his wife in his will.

Why did Esme leave her husband?

She never did

What to do if your husband undermines you?

leave him because he is not worth it.

How do you deal with an abusive husband?

If you can leave him - do it now.

What if your husband doesn't care about you anymore?

Leave him.

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Go to court.

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Leave him.

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He did not leave her, he had an affair, and Sylvia Plath threw him from her house.

How can you tell if a married woman will leave her husband for her boyfriend?

You can tell when she shows her boyfriend the divorce papers. Husband and wife; that's a strong bond, chances are slim she will leave her husband. You can't tell short of asking her.

Husband wants a divorce in Texas Wife does not want to leave her home?

Then the husband should move out.

Why did your husband leave without telling is children goodbye?

he shouldn't be your husband if he doesnt have a heart for kids

What can you do if your brother is giving your husband trouble about the way you believe?

Discuss it with your husband to decide if brother should be asked to leave; or if you are somewhere other than your home, if you and your husband should leave. No one has the right to interfere with your relationship with your husband (other than an abusive situation).

Your girlfriend hides you from her ex husband?

you leave the state

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What can you do if your husband get another lady pregnant?

leave him or stay

What about leave encashment if husband and wife both are government employee are they both eligible for the same?

if husband and wife both r govt employee they both can get the leave encashment

What do you put on a tombstone for an ex-husband?

To leave behind a sign that the grave was visited by a loved one.

Can you stop a husband controlling behaiver after 30 years of marriage?

No. He will probably get violent if he thinks you are trying to leave. So be ready. I'd get an internet boyfriend first, get with him, then leave your husband.

How Do You Get The 3 couples Across The River you cant leave a husband with the others wife and you cant leave the wife with the others husband?

Make sure they don't complain about being squashed!

Can I leave my estate to my daughter but NOT her husband?

no unless you want her divorced

What do you do if you are abused by your husband?

leave the dirt bag..plain and simple