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Q: How do you lessen the onion powder you put in a dish?
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Can you put onion in a dish to absorb the flu virus?

No. Viruses do not have a mechanism to propel them toward an object ; i.e. your onion .

What are some good spices to put on perogies?

I use onion powder and a little garlic powder when frying them.

What can you do with ground beef and onion leftovers?

1) Hamburgers 2) Put it into a spaghetti-dish 3) Put it into a casserole

How do you keep Onion powder from becoming a rock What do you do with it after it has?

Moisture turns it into a rock. Put some rice in it. After, throw it away

What flavours food?

There are soooo many different things that can spice up any dish. My personal favorite is garlic. I think that garlic, fresh, powder, salt, any form, adds a certain punch to any dish. A popular one for my meats however, is not only garlic, but also Montreal seasoning salt. As well as Lowry's seasoning salt. Usually for my meats I will put both Montreal and Lowry's, as well as some fresh garlic, salt and pepper and onion powder. If you are worried about over-salting your dish, or you body can't take it, I would suggest soaking you meat in a saltwater solution for a few hours before cooking it. Salt and pepper is an easy fix to any boring dish. Also I would suggest some onion powder, along with garlic, this is a win-win combination.

Can you put the word lessen in a sentence?

The wind will lessen soon, and we can go back outside. If you lessen the tension on the sewing machine, your stitches will be more even.

What is meatloaf?

chopped meat (usually beef) baked at 350 f for about an hour or so... good thing to put in it: garlic powder onions lipton onion soup(as the powder not the acual soup the recipe is on the back of the box)

What vegetable was put in the hand of the dead person in ancient Egypt?


How much onion powder do you put in Chili?

Obviously, it depends on the amounts of all the other ingredients. In a normal-sized pot serving about 10 people, I'd put in roughly 2 tablespoons. The nice thing is that onion powder is relatively subtle, so you really can't mess up too badly. A little more or a little less won't make a significant difference in flavor.

How do you sweat an onion?

put it in your eyes

Can you put a casserole dish on the hop?

No you can't able to put casserole dish on the hop.

How can you prepare an onion without crying?

Put it in the fridge and/or do not cut off bottem of onion.

What is a fine powder that you put in baking?

Baking Powder

What is compact powder?

it is a powder which you use to put on your cheeks

How do you put the word lessen in a sentence?

Lessen is a verb that means to make or become less; diminish; decrease; reduce; or mitigate. Example sentence: If you want to lessen the pain you can take Advil

How do you make ONION juice?

put sugar on it

What happens when you put an onion in water?

you poo

What name did Rosalie put on Jacob Blacks dog dish?

she put "Fido" on his bowl.. (not dog dish)

Can you put baby powder on broken skin?

nO you can't put baby powder on broken skin

What bath powder is best for hamsters?

None. Do not put powder on your hamster. They are not a powder puff.

What will happen if you put onion skin cell into 10 percent sugar solution?

The onion skin will shrink, then the violet onion color will dissapear.

What does a golfer put on a shot to lessen pressure on top of ball?


Is there something you can put in to counteract too much onion powder?

Like the too much salt remedy, try adding a peeled potato to see if it will absorb some of the strong flavor... You can also try adding sugar to counteract the strong onion flavor. Nothing to lose.

What country does sherpards pie come from?

Shepherds pie is a typical dish from England. This is how I make it for 4/5 people depending on how hungry you are: -make some mashed potatoes, about 5/6 good sized size ones. -gentley fry 500grs lamb mince meat with one medium size onion til meat is brown and onion soft. -put meat and onion in oven proof dish and carefully spoon mashed potatoes ontop. -put under grill until potato is nice and golden brown. - serve hot with your favourite vegetable and lots of gravy. You can make this dish with beef mince meat (this would be called Cottage Pie).

How can you chill an onion?

put it in the fridge, ya douche.