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that's why flirting is around, mainly flirting will let him know that you like him


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Let him know that you are interested in him and that you would like to date him, he will probably ask you out.

you know when a guy want to get with you when he flirts around you and stirs you up a bit. but the main thing if you like him wait till he has the guts to ask you out don't let one of his mates ask you out, if that does happen he does not really like you.

You could ask him to prom. Or you could start talking to him and let the guy get to know you.

Let him know you're interested in him asking you out.

Then don't let him know it hurt you.

well you first might want to check if you really know this guy and then once you know that this is the guy for then talk to your best friend and ask her what if you got him this time and she sticks with her boyfriend and if that doesnt work then just let me know

let's just stay friends. Or just let him down easy then ask to be friends, you know give him the "speech."

tell him that you want to go out, and let him invite too the place

Let him figure it out and then kiss u when hes ready.

When you want to ask a boy out in your class then get them a few little things to let him know you like him. Then when his friends aren't around him go up to him, see what kind of guy he is, and go for it. Ask him out.

you don't ask him out let him ask you out this is how you know he may be interested in you. When you ask someone out you pay. Keep your money in your pocket and your dress down. If he wants you he'll let you know but if and when it happens be respectful to yourself and your parents.

Just let them know how you feel, and find out why you want to ask them out, and then let them know why. Be honest, and authentic.

gently explain why you would like to see different guys and how you fell about him. also explaining what you want in a guy may help your case. don't let him down, just let him know.

one way you can get a guy to ask you out is if you ask him out yourself. but this is pretty straight forward and if you don't want to do that you can just let him know that you like him using body language. a way to get a guy to like you is if you just start out as friends and take it kinda slowish. all you need to do to get a guy to spend more time with you is just asking him. if you do these things then you will get exactly what you want.

If the boy isn't interested in dating then don't ask hime. He will feel bad for saying no and he will not want to date for an even longer amount of time. If he likes you let him know you care for him by being nice and when he is ready he will ask you.

You would tell him that he's a great guy, so you've heard, and you want to get to know him better, but you don't want to rush it. ask him if he wants to sit with you at lunch, or give him you're number, to show him you care, but want to take your time. if he isn't the guy you thought he was at the end of the day, he'll probably ask you out again, and just let him down easily (visit how to break up question)

First you should find out if he likes you, if he does and you like him then either you ask him out or you wait and let him ask you out or you could tell a friend to ask him out for you

First you ask yourself why you would want to say that to him. Then, you let him know that you don't like him. Gently and softly. There is no need for causing pain.

If you want him, you need to let him know. Ask him out. Tell him you want him to ask you out. Say something that lets him know he can choose you. Be prepared for disappointment. Men are inclined to accept the attention of a forward woman. ---- Answer 2 Sounds like jealousy to me.

Hang out together. You don't have to ask him out. If he likes you, and you like him, it will naturally happen.

That mean the guy just want to have sex and they have to figure out a place and time

well i guess let him know u like him so he can ask u out =)

let the guy you like know you like him to and if he feels the same way he will ask you out

Get to know him, ask him out for a meal or something. But don't let things get in the way of your work.

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