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To put the top down on your '87; first reach between the seats, just under the edge of the hatch that will eventually cover the top. You'll find a lever that swings toward the driver side door. On mine, I have to click it twice to release both sides of the top. Then above each of the visors, there is a lever you must pull all the way over. This releases the pins on the front of the top. Now, on the end of each door, you'll see a small switch with an arrow on it. Click the switch and this releases the hatch. Now, standing outside, lift the back of the top so you can open the hatch. The hatch will remain in the up position. Then put the rear of the top back into the original position. Lift the front, toward the rear of the car, and your top will fold into place. Gently close the cover and you are topless!

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Q: How do you let the top down on 1987 convertible Corvette?
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How do you let the top down on a 2001 Corvette?

To let the top down on a 2001 Corvette you will need to go where the windshield meets and then, and then you would want to pull down all of the latches. This should let your 2001 Corvette top down.

Why won't my 1987 Corvette start after i have ran it but then when i let it cool down it would start?

A friend had the same problem with his 87 Corvette . His was the chip in the ignition key . Had to replace ignition switch and key , about 40 dollars for the parts .

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release on SAAB 900 S convertible

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How do you put the top down in a Mercedes slk 230 kompressor?

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What are the differences between a van and a convertible?

Well, there's the size difference. There's also the speed of the car. Also, convertibles let the entire hood down while the vans just let the sunroof down.

How do you change the taillight on a 1987 Chevy Corvette?

If all you want to do is change a bulb, you pull the license plate off to gain access to the wiring harness. After you twist the harness counter clockwise to loosen the harness, let it drop down and access it to change the bulb from underneath the car.

How do you let down convertible top on Mazda miata 1990 model?

there are two latches located on the right and left sides at the top of the windshield (next to the visors) press the buttons, pull each latch back, and push away from the windshield and let down carefully.

How jump start battery in 1987 Corvette?

Connect the positive cable to the positive battery post on the donor car and on the Corvette. Connect the negative cable to some metal part of each vehicle, such as the engine. Be careful of the fan blades on each car. Let the donor car run for approximately 15 minutes to put a slight charge in the battery on the Corvette before you attempt to start it. Start the Corvette and as soon as it starts disconnect the battery cables.

How do you improve the ride on a 1974 corvette?

Let about 1/2 of the air out of the tires.

Why does 2000 Corvette shuts down after moving?

i have a 98 vette. mine done that, let it run dont try and move it then the computer will say take your key out for 5 seconds,

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