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How do you level a Murray lawn mower deck?


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First question is what Model machine do you have ? It all depends on which model, well it all depends on which model. Not always is a uneven cut due to a deck needing leveled. Murray mowers, who filed bankruptcy and is now owned and operated by Briggs & Stratton Corp, has a weakness in the blade spindle area, the blades are thin and they actually do bend. If the sail side (the side opposite the cutting edge) is worn this also will affect the cut. If it is a considerable difference, check the jackshafts housings to make sure the bearings are good and not loose, or even broken. Post your model number on here and I will point you further. The model number is going to be either directly above the tow hitch, or directly below the seat, if it is a 46" rider the number will start with a 46, if it say is a 42, then the number will start with a 42, the first 2 digits tell its width cut, this is how you know you have the correct number.


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That depends on what state you are in. I'm in FL and have a 42" for sale

There is an arc-shaped piece under the left side of the machine with multiple holes to level the deck. Link to parts breakdown attached and refer to the Mower Suspension page #19.

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some times there on the bottom of the motor, and some times there on the side of motor by the base, if you have a Push mower then it,s likey to be under the deck side at the bottom of the motor,

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The spark plug gap for a Murray 12 hp riding lawn mower should be set at .020 inches. This is equal to .5 mm.

The deck on a lawn mower is the shaped metal shroud that keeps the spinning blade(s) from being exposed to the user during operation. Many manufactures use the shape of the deck to create a mild vacuum that draws the blades of grass up toward the mower blade(s). After mowing the lawn, some grass will be stuck on the underside of the deck. If the lawn is somewhat long and wet, the grass will build up on the inner surface of the deck to a point where only the blade(s) have clearance. This stops the deck shape from performing its designed function. Deck cleanout is performed while the mower is NOT running. Turn the mower on its side and scrape the excess grass from out of the underside of the deck.

See for free online manual reyour mower.

You probably do not have rear wheels on your tractor. Purchase wheels for the mower deck and that should solve your problem. I had the problem of an uneven cut on turning. The rears wheels solved that problem. You can of course get them at Sears.

There could be anywhere from 2 to 6 depending on the model of the mower.

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One reason why your Murray lawn mower may fade in and out when it's running could be the gas. It the gas was leftover from the year before, you may have to empty it and put fresh gas in.

First of all you might have hit a stump and one of the blades are bent...but if you dont remember doing anything like that, then get a level and place it on your deck and see if its level, if not there should be a way to adjust it, you'll have to take a pin out on one side and lower or raise the deck to the next hole. But id check the blades first

What brand deck are after. I can help you with a Victa deck Contact alazare@ tpg com au

if made by murray contact briggs and straton they bought out murray it worked for me

Try or

by making an order from the manufacturer to home country

Try to locate the mower deck. It's usually the part that shields the mower blades to protect the operator and the engine fro lawn debris. This mower deck should have adjustable leveling bolts on either side of it. Put the mower on a level pavement and use a ruler to measure the height of the deck.ÊAdjust the bolts to make sure the height is the same on all sides.

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