How do you level a Murray lawn mower deck?

First question is what Model machine do you have ? It all depends on which model, well it all depends on which model. Not always is a uneven cut due to a deck needing leveled. Murray mowers, who filed bankruptcy and is now owned and operated by Briggs & Stratton Corp, has a weakness in the blade spindle area, the blades are thin and they actually do bend. If the sail side (the side opposite the cutting edge) is worn this also will affect the cut. If it is a considerable difference, check the jackshafts housings to make sure the bearings are good and not loose, or even broken. Post your model number on here and I will point you further. The model number is going to be either directly above the tow hitch, or directly below the seat, if it is a 46" rider the number will start with a 46, if it say is a 42, then the number will start with a 42, the first 2 digits tell its width cut, this is how you know you have the correct number.