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How do you level up in pet society?

To level up in Pet Society you can visit your friends or earn trophys and awards and that will level you up.

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How do you do level up in Facebook pet society?

You can level up by visiting your friend's, cleaning pets in the cafe or your friend's, buying things.

How do you talk on pet society?

When you are level 30 :)

Why can't you sign up for Pet Society?

you need facebook to sign up to pet society!! :(

How do you level your pet up in wow?

Pets will automatically level as you do. When you gain a level, your pet gains a level.

How do you be on level 47 on pet society?

you do it by getting 420.000 paw points .

Where is your garden in pet society?

You will have a garden the first thing you come into your house. It is the last room to the left. And eventually you will get a second one after you level up at a certain level. Hope this helps.

Cheats to increase pet level in pet society?

There are ways of cheating I myslef have not yet found one but if you download a device called cheat engine then search pet society cheats you could find out how to do this.

How can you level up your pet in wizard101?

You play games at the Pet Pavilion to gain XP for your pet.

How do you level up your call pet in wow?

Well it depends what level it is. If it is significantly lower level than the monsters you are questing on. Then go to a mob who's level is equal or just higher than the pets level, then just keep killing them until your pet levels up. Then keep doing that until your pet is the level that you desire. Or you can just 'Tame' another pet that is your level.

How do you make the lottery appear in pet society in Facebook?

It normally just pops up when you log on. Maybe there is something wrong with your pet society

How many paw points do you need to get to level 24 on pet society?

You need 1400 paw points to get on to level 24 !!!

How do you move on from level 8 in Pet Society on Facebook?

You must have 1,500 XP (experience) in order to become Level 9,

How do you have a job in pet society?

There are no jobs for you in pet society

How do you buy clothes for your pet on moviestarplanet?

level up your pet and lt it grow bigger

What are the different levels on pet society?

you start from level 1 and gain experience and adding one level at a time. there are people who are now level 25 and above.

What is the highest level on pet society?

HEY, Im on level 100 Gold All-Time Great Pet i just logged on today and saw the level and totally freaked out. so yeah here is your answerhope you enjoyed it. =D

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