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Keep using the spells you have (see the tab that has a picture of a little book on it to see the spells you can cast). To cast spells you need to have runes, which you can buy (or make, after completing the Rune Mysteries quest). As you use spells, you gain experience. Once you gain enough experience to get to the next level, you will get a message saying something like: You are now Magic Level [2]! or whatever level you become. Keep casting spells and getting experience. The highest level you can get to is, I think, Level 99.

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In runescape 2 how can you level up magic without leveling up a combat level?

Can Not Be Done.

Can magic level you up on runescape?

Yes it can, provided it stays higher than your Ranged Level.

What magic level do you need to cast telegrab on runescape?

You need a magic level of 31 to cast telegrab.

What gives defense against magic in runescape?

Ranged armour, notably dragonskin give good defence against magic. Also leveling up your magic level will increase your magic resistance.

How do runes work?

On runescape you gather certain runes and you cast spells to attack monsters to get you magic level up.

What skills can up your combat level in runescape?

Attack , Strength , Defence , Range , Prayer, Summoning , Constitution (Hitpoints) , and Magic.

Dose range lvl you up in runescape?

Only if the Range level stays above your melee & magic kill levels.

On Runescape what protects you from magic?

There is something called a "Protect from Magic" Prayer. But you need a prayer level of 37.

How you get combat level up on runescape?

You need to train Attack, Strength, Defence, Magic, Prayer, Constitution(Life points), Summoning and Ranged. I prefer to train Magic because if you include the level 10 Constitution bonus, then at level 99 magic your combat level will be no lower than 50

What level of magic do you have to be to cast ice burst in runescape?

afraid to say theres no such thing as ice burst on runescape

What woodcutting level is required to cut magic logs on runescape?

On runescape, you must be level 60 woodcutting. You also have to be a member if you want to cut them down.

What is the easiest and funest skill to lvl in runescape?

tbh no skill is fun to level up, magic can be the funnest but easiest/cheapest is firemaking.

How do you get your hitpoints level up on RuneScape?

To get your hitpoints level up in RuneScape, you must gain the appropriate amount of experience points that it says you need. That means you have to do a lot of combat related things, such as melee, magic, or range. Those skills will train your hitpoints when you use them.

What skills does it take to level up on runescape?

Prayer, Magic, Attack, Defense, Strength, Range, and Constitution all affect your Combat level (the level that people see when they roll their mouse over you). You can raise any of these to help you, as you put it, level up.

Where do level up in RuneScape?

That depends what skill you want to level up.

How do you get your magic lvl up easily on runescape?

fist of guthix

How do you level up your Defense on RuneScape?

To level up your Defense, you must fight using a Defensive or Controlled style with a Melee weapon, the Long range style with a Ranged weapon, or enabling Defensive casting with Magic.

Does magic get your combat level up on runescape?

If you magic level seems to be higher than any other of your combat skills then yes, you combat level will be based on ranged, mage, prayer, defence and hitpoints. UHM............. WRONG!!!!!!!! your so wrong do you even play runescape? wow rs fail! anyways attack and strength affect it too! along with the others =P bye

Do you get level ups for doing mage in runescape?

Yes. Magic contributes to your combat level. Assuming you trained only Magic to 99, but left your HP at 10 (which is possible), you would have a combat level of 50.

If you train magic in runescape does your combat level go up?

Of course! All combat skills will make you level up your combat. All the skills for combat are Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, Magic, and Prayer, thats all i believe thats all i know. Hope you like it!

On runescape how long can one sustain the protect from magic prayer?

It depends on how high your prayer level is.

Where is magic mage on RuneScape?

There is no "magic mage" on RuneScape. There are various ways to train magic, and there are various mages, or wizards.

How do you change your stats on RuneScape?

to change your stats on runescape all you have to do is level up.

Does runecrafting get your combat level up on runescape?

No, only Attack, Defense, Strength, Prayer, Summoning, And Magic or Ranged (If you don't melee much) Affect your combat.

How do you level up magic in RuneScape?

Casting spells, using runes. I suggest you do the quest "Unstable Foundations" to learn how to use magic. The quest can be started by talking to Xenia in the Lumbridge Graveyard, south-east of the castle.