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Fly to Howlwind hill using the godbird's soulstone. there, you will find legions of metal slime monsters. if you defeat enough, you will level up very quickly. howlwind hill is just north of rydon's tower in the arcadia region.

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How do you you level up as a dragon slayer adventure quest?

First you have to get to the dragon slayer marshal quest then kill the fire dragon 8 times.

How do you level up fast on dragon quest 9?

You gotta do it slow

How do you level up quick on dragonfable?

An easy way to level up is to the the dragon egg quest saga (when you are a noobie) and then after that you can go to Oaklore and do the quest "explore ruins" from the guy in the catapult to the left. :)

How do you beat the red dragon in Dragon Fable?

You have to level up and train your dragon until he has all the skills. And if you don't want to spend hours upon end to trying to level up your dragon (and then train it), do the quest in Willowshire. After you defeat the dragon the first time, you fight it again, but this time you can play as your dragon. When you do that quest, you will receive 400 gold (keep doing the quest and you will be sure to make 12,000 in one hour) and level up a few times with 2500 experience. The dragon is level 17 with 17000 health and sometimes 15000. Make sure you are at least level 14-17 to have a chance at beating him. If you follow this, you will be sure to beat it. Make a whole lot of cash and level up more.

How to level up dragon quickly on Dragonfable?

go to Oaklore and go left until u see these knight in the catapult and do the quest the ruins and do that go to Oaklore and go left until u see these knight in the catapult and do the quest the ruins and do that

How do you level up quickly in dragoncity?

There are few methods you can use to level up quickly on Dragon City. You can plant foods and harvest them. You can also try buying and selling farms.

How do you level up your dragon slayer outfit in adventure quest?

Do Dragon Slaying quests from Galanoth who allowed you to become a Dragon Slayer, if you pass and manage to kill the dragon you'll lvl up your skills.

How do you level up in the dragon slayer outfit in adventure quest?

Go back to the guy you bought it from and take quests from him.

How do you find ingredients for level 5 dragon slayer adventure quest?

If your talking about the quest, you kill wverns and Water draconians. If your talking about dragon slayer class, that's a rank and if you want to rank it up, I suggest undead pirates

On Dragon Fable in which quest do you get the mushrooms masters belt?

first level up to level 10 then go to oaklore and talk to sir ano outside of oaklore and finish the first quest and on the second once you finish you will get the belt but you may have to level up to like 32 before you can use it.

How do you become a mythologicalcreature on adventure quest?

Become a shapeshifter, level up and do quests given by the guy and you can eventually turn into the Raydius Dragon.

How do you level up in Dragon Fable without hacking?

Go to falconreach walk to ash click quest then challenge. Hope this helped

Is there an item that can level up very quickly in Dragon Fable?

i think there are some weapons that can help you lvl up quikly, but idk hope this helps.

Where do you get a dragon on Dragon Fable?

you can get a baby dragon after finishing the quest chain of a baby dragon if you want a titan dragon you need a dragon amulet to grow it up

How do you level up your dragon in dragonfable?

The only way you can level up your dragon in Dragonfable is to leve yourself up. You baby dragon's health and mana goes up as yours does. If you are talking about skill wise, simply buy dragon chow and feed it to your dragon (dragon chow can be obtained from Sunbreeze cove). The higher level of dragon chow you buy, the more skill points it gives you to level up your dragon with.

How do you level up really fast at Adventure Quest worlds?

To level up fast, you have to do something you are skilled at, be it a quest or killing monsters.

How do you get level up on Dragon Fable?

you do quests and NOT these two quests:Ballyhoo, and the worst prank ever. p.s. if you get to Zhoom's quest dynasty tomb, good luck with that! :)

How do you get a level 15 dragon in DragonVale?

you have to get the dragon shrines, then you have to level up 50 dragons of that sort to level ten.

How do you make dark dragon in Dragon City?

level up

How do you get your grown up dragon stronger in dragonfable?

you need to upgrade your account and do dragonlord dragon needed quest

How do you level up in adventure quest?

Battle monsters. just do a random battle or a quest

How do you earn a talent quest?

you have to level up to level three if you want to get a talent quest. when you level up to level 3 go to your mentor (Tinkerbell Silvermist Fawn Rosetta or Iredessa ) and click on talent quests.

How do you beat the bonding dragon quest in dragonfable?

note DA only and level 23 it is easy.fully train your dragon then click baby drago quest and bonding go up until you reach the beach go down one section turn rightand keep going till u get 2 the dragon you should be able to kill it.tadaa!

How do you get free nickcash in monkey quest?

level up

In dragon city when i've already bought a magic temple why can't i still level up my dragon?

You can't still level up your dragon after buying a magic temple in the dragon city because of the bug problems.