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Well I'm no expert but a saw a video on (which included an expert) that sad that if your rabbit "goes to the toilet" everywhere ( usually in corners) put some newspaper there and when it "goes to the toilet" take a peace of the newspaper with the pee och poo on the peace and place it in the litterbox. Then your rabbit will recognise the smell of the paper/pee/poo and "go to the toilet" there. It takes about a week until it only goes in the litterbox. And buy a litterbox for bunny's sense they are shaped like a triangle (and put the litterbox in a corner).

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Q: How do you litterbox train a bunny?
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Can you litter box train a chiuauun?

If you mean "can you litterbox train a Chihuahua?", the answer is yes.

How do you train your cat to not poop in his cat carrier?

Maybe get a litterbox or a box and put it in the crate?

How do you train a cat to use the litterbox?

You can train the cat to use the litterbox if you bring it to it often when it is a kitten. Also they will go to the bathroom anywhere they can hid it. They will go the the bathroom in laundry too. Spraying is different from going to the bathroom. So if you have a male cat it could be spraying to mark its territory.

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Yes you can, such as a cat has a litterbox. Only you'll have to train it to urinate in that place.

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you take the bunny and put it on a kitty litter box :D

Your bunny is going to the bathroom right next to his litterbox but not in it-I moved most of his previous dropping inside of it but he still will not go in it?

All you can do is keep trying. Make sure to put all droppings in the litterbox and clean up any urination in the cage(hutch) to encourage use of the litterbox. It may take time and patience. Most rabbits will get the hint, but some just never get it. I wish you luck!

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Get a smaller litterbox

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yes you can train a dog to get along with any kind of animal you just have to get the bunny and set him next to the dog and tel them they are good, if they are good give them a treat if they arent spray them with a spray bottle.

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