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How do you load music on an MP3 player if your computer doesn't recognize the MP3 player?


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Most Computers can, just before you turn your PC on Plug the MP3 in. Then go onto your account.Then restart your cumputer I would advise not following the above advice. If you plug your mp3 player in before starting your computer, your computer may attempt to boot from your mp3 player. Remove it, then try a restart. If that doesn't work, then I have to ask, are you using an extension cord? If you are, then your mp3 player may be similar to mine. As I couldn't fit my mp3 player directly into the USB slot, I used a USB extension. My computer flatly refused to recognise my mp3 player no matter how many restarts I did, and trust me, I had it in properly each time. I later tried it in my laptop and it worked fine, as I has pulled out my internet stick to put it directly into the slot. When I tried again with the cord it didn't work. So, there. It took a while to get there but there's your solution! You could go to windows media center and add music that way, I had to do that with one of my mp3 players because the firmware was messed up. If all else fails, use a different USB hole. If none of this works, go to my answer for the question: If you can't add new MP3s onto your MP3 player how can you take off the write protection on it? because it actually covers lots of reasons why your mp3 player won't talk to your PC.