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Release the clip on the left side and let the slide pop back. Grab the front end of the barrel and push it down. load the pellet directly into the barrel. close the barrel. cock the gun normally and fire. It is a single shot pellet gun.

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Q: How do you load pellets into a marksman repeater?
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How many pellets at one time load into an old Marksman Repeater?

You can load as many BB into the repeater as it will hold, BUT only one pellet at a time can be loaded into the barrel. One shot one pellet.

What type of pellets does a marksman repeater use?

.177 cal. Crosman, daisy, rws, beeman, marksman all make pellets in the .177 size

How do you fire Crosman Marksman repeater?

Crosman does not own Marksman. Crosman made a Repeatairmodel and Marksman made a Repeater model. See the link below for the Marksman Repeater owners manual.

How do you get a co2 cartridge out of a marksman repeater?

There is No C02 cartridge in the Marksman Repeater, it is spring operated

How many FPS does a marksman repeater shoot?

The Marksman repeater is rated at 200 FPS.

How fast does a marksman 2002 repeater fire BBs?

The Marksman 2002 Repeater is rated at 250 FPS.

How to load bb cal 5.5mm .177 cal Marksman Repeater pistol?

see the link below for the owners manual. The Marksman Repeater is a 4.5 .177 caliber pistol not a 5.5 .22 caliber pistol.

When was the Marksman Repeater BB gun patented?

There have been several models of the marksman repeater. The first one was made in 1955

How do you load pellets into a marksman 45?

There's a double action to the slide - see the link below for a manual:

Is the marksman 1790 a repeating BB rifle?

No It is not a repeater , you must re cock and and hand load a pellet after each shot!

How many bbs does a marksman repeater hold?

18 BB according to Marksman

Any info on marksman repeater?

fires BB, pellets or Darts at 200 feet per second. Mfg 1958-1977. It is the forerunner of the model 1010

How many joule does a marksman repeater shoot?


How do you uncock a Marksman Repeater without firing it?

No way to do it.

What is the fps for a marksman repeater?

It is rated at 200 FPS

Why is your marksman repeater not shooting?

Needs to be serviced/repaired

How do you disassemble a Marksman repeater?

See the link below

Were do the 2 springs go on a Marksman Repeater?

See the Link below for the "you tube" video for Marksman

What company makes the marksman repeater?

IIRC, Crossman ------------------------------------------- Beeman owns and makes Marksman repeaters not Crosman.

How do you get a owners manual marksman repeater?

see the link below

How do you reload a marksman bb repeater?

See the link below.

How do you get a owners manual for a marksman repeater?

See the attached link:

What year is your marksman repeater?

Mine is a 2006 model. What year is yours.....

How do you shot a marksman repeater bb pistol?

See the link below

How do you dissasemble a marksman repeater?

See the Youtube video link below