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How do you locate a certain passage in the Bible?

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Go to link on right, type your passage (or keyword) on Google address bar, click down-arrow, change search type to "current site" and click "go". I find the Skeptic's KJV Annotated Bible site faster to search for certain passages. For online searching you could go to This has searching not only for the King James Version, but several other versions as well. There are many print Concordances. Strong's concordance to the King James Version is the one I own, but several other more recent translations also have concordances.

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What is the difference between a bible passage and a bible verse?

A bible passage is usually several bible verses talking about a certain subject in the bible. An example would be John 3:1-21, but some passages are shorter. A bible verse could be John 3:16, or John 14:6. Many people memorize bible verses as they are short and remind the person of what else God has taught them about the particular subject. Bible verses can be picked out of a bible passage for memorization and recall.

Is the a bible passage about Mary showing forgiveness?

No there is no passage.

Where in the Bible is Samuel passage?

What specific Samuel passage?

What is antiphonal?

It refers to s a short passage, usually from the Bible, recited or sung as a response after certain parts of a liturgical service

What is a Bible passage?

A Bible "passage" is merely any portion of it that you may be reading at any given time.

How do you find a passage in the bible?

Visit biblegateway for a free bible resource to search for a passage by verse or keyword.

What are the biblical passages in A Wrinkle in Time?

there is one big bible passage in chapter 12 " the foolish and weak...... " is a bible passage . look up the rest in a bible or in the book

What is the word for a Bible passage?

A verse!

Which passage of the Bible says that all the disciples of Jesus were beheaded?

There is no passage of scripture that says that

How did avenged sevenfold get there name?

A passage from the Bible.

What is Another name for a Bible passage?


What does vv mean after a Bible passage?


Where does the Bible talk about the great eagle shall fall meaning the USA?

A:There is no such passage in the Bible.

What is another name for a Bible verse or passage?

A verse.

What is the meaning of John 15?

It is a reference to a passage in the Bible.

What is the christian value of the biblical passage God have mercy on you you are a sinner?

As far as I know there is no bible passage that says that.

What passage did Shakespeare translate in the King James Bible?

He did not translate any passages in the KJV Bible.

What is one word for Bible passage?

Verse, text,or scripture.

Are belly piercings unbiblical?

Hardly. You are free to do what you like to your own body. Unless there is a specific mention in the bible, and I can't think of one, about belly piercing, the bible has nothing to do with it. Also, don't let anyone tell you that a certain passage in the bible really means something else according to their interpretation.

Is there a passage in the Bible that prophesied the Holocaust?

No. There is no instance where the Bible unambiguously prophesied any future histirical event.

What does the math term locate mean?

This means to locate a certain point within a number or time line.

What does Selective permeability do?

It allows the passage for certain substances.

Locate the errors in the passage below. at which stage in the writing process should a writer target them?


What is a Bible reference?

A bible reference is a notation that identifies where a passage is located in the Bible. For example, Proverbs 3:2 identifies the book, chapter, and verse of specific bible content.

Where do you find the passage in the Bible about God being your father?

Romans 8