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1994 Ford aerostar starter removal . raise vehicle/disconnect battery cables/ starter is on driver side remove wires from starter/ remove bolts holding starter to bellhousing.installation is reverse of removal piece of cake.from Robert rodriguez.

You may need to remove the exhaust "Y" pipe to replace the starter, also. On AWD models this is mandatory. I recommend that you soak the bolts in Liquit Wrench before trying to loosen them.

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Q: How do you locate and replace the starter in a 1994 Ford Aerostar Minivan 4.0 V6?
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it's located behind the driverside front tire just below the oil filter! to remove it you first jacke the front of the van up makeing sure to support it so it cannot fall on you, then remove the battery cables from the battery then go to the starter there are 2 bolts that must be removed one is easily accessable the other is on the side of the starter closest to the engine almost on top of the starter removes those 2 bolts slide the starter towards the front of the van and it should drop down( might take some moveing around but should drop down ) then remove the small bolt from the wire that is still connected to the starter to do the replacment do everything in reverse of removal!

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